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Lead Generation Landing Page Is Must For Any Startup And Here Is Why

Maksym Babych
Lead Generation Landing Page Is Must For Any Startup And Here Is Why

The lead generation landing page is a must-have for your MVP. Why? Let me explain in 50 words.

Your landing page is a tool to kill two birds with one stone.

It’s a free, no-code approach to validate your business idea and find early adopters.

Also, it’s a reliable marketing tool to collect customers’ data in exchange for valuable materials like eBooks, white papers, or free templates.

In detail, a lead generation landing page is like your Internet business card.

The primary purpose of the landing is to collect personal information of potential customers, leads. It would help you to “warm-up” these people to transform them into payable customers as soon as they showed interest.

Because if there are no leads, there are no sales. But how to create an effective lead generation landing? Do not worry. There is a way.

But first, let’s take a closer look at what I want to discuss:

  • What are landing pages?
  • Why do you need a landing page?
  • How does landing page work?
  • Examples of effective lead generation landing pages in 2020
  • How to create a sensational landing page?

What Are Lead Generation Landing Pages?

The landing page is a single page or one of the pages of your website where users “land” after clicking on an ad or a social media post. The landing page could be a product itself and significantly cut the cost of an MVP.

This page is all about making users do their first action: subscribe, sign up, leave an email address, or make a purchase.

You see that page while scrolling through Amazon Prime. Or when you consider signing up as an Uber driver. Or while visiting the Snapchat website.

These landing pages show us how companies (frankly speaking, it could be any type of business) engage users in their products.

A landing page provides the customer with compressed, focused data to create a clear meaning of what a company or product does. And how to become a customer too.

These lead magnet landing pages aim to attract the attention of not-a-customer, build trust moment, and convert this person into a potential customer.

Landings are an essential part of a marketing flywheel (modern marketing specialists do not use “funnel” anymore). People you aim to attract are just at the awareness stage of your service or product.

And the landing page should catch this aha moment to involve people in your marketing.

Collecting data is the easiest way to start a leads warming-up campaign. Simply because with any sort of data, you could begin to build trust with your brand, provide value, and qualify leads to close a sale.

Usually, to qualify a lead, it is required to offer to fill out the conversion form. It’s a free form available to any visitor on the website. But to make form truly convertible, founders (or marketers) use the following:

  • Free webinars or courses
  • Detailed white papers or guides
  • Free ebooks and reports
  • Overview of case studies
  • Step-by-step checklist
  • A free product demo, and so on

So, if to sum up, what is a landing page at all?

It’s a potent marketing tool with no complex features and a single primary action. It helps to drive traffic on your website.

The well-made lead generation landing page is a must-have for an early-stage startup founder. It’s a crucial tool to validate an idea and identify the customer’s willingness to pay without spending a penny.

However, let’s take a closer look at reasons to start with building a landing page.


Maksym Babych
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