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How to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate

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How to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate

If you are reading this article, you are probably not happy with your landing page conversion rate. Not to worry, this is one of the biggest challenges marketing faces nowadays. And be assured, no one gets it right the first time

Only after launching will you be able to really test your landing page and take the steps you need to optimize it. However, we’ve created a short guide on how to increase conversions for you to take a proactive approach and make your landing page as optimized as it can be.

Keep Your Goals in Mind

You might think this is obvious, but in order to be effective, your landing page must focus on your number one objective. The only offer you need to have in your landing page is the one that relates to your main goal.

An effective landing page focuses in only one solution and that is where you need to direct the user’s attention.

Write Headlines that Resonate with Your Audience

You only have a few seconds to capture the user’s attention. Consider this: most users have four other windows open with companies that offer the same product you do. You need to convince them to engage with you almost immediately.

Your copy and headlines should be simple and eye catching. Keep the information clear and easy to understand at a first glance.

Keep Your Copy Short and Sweet

Flowery language might sound beautiful and poetic, but you need to present your information in the simplest way possible.

Use as few words as you can to say exactly what your product is about and be as convincing as possible. You only have a visitor’s attention for a few seconds, make the most of it.

Images Are Also Important

Once you have the perfect copy, complement it with the right image. Something clean and simple that says something about your product can go a long way in keeping users interested.

Something cluttered, that does not convey your main goal clearly will not be effective when it comes to successful conversions.

Create a Call to Action They Can’t Resist

Calls to action (CTAs) are the key element in your landing page for landing page conversion. It might look simple, but the message, size, and color of the button must be just right for a customer to take action.

Optimize Your Forms

Keep your forms to the bare minimum. The purpose of a landing page is to obtain a user’s contact detail. For that, you need forms. But long, complicated forms will turn users away.

A good rule to follow is just asking for their email address. Offer value in exchange for their information, that makes them more willing to share their personal information with you. And remember, users are more willing to provide their email addresses than their phone numbers.

Optimizing your landing page can be an arduous task, but not a thankless one. Improving your landing page conversion rates will make all the difference in your marketing strategy. A little hard work that will have you reaping benefits in no time.


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