What is Google Question Hub and how it can be used?

Ekansh Jain

With so many innovative products, Google never fails to impress its customers. They always focus on providing the best tool that makes our work and life easier. This time Google has come up with another great tool called the Google Question Hub.

What the Google Question Hub tool?

Not many people know about this tool. Google question hub tool is recently launched a day before. Google Query Center is still in beta mode. They gave access to only a few customers and so far the response has been really good. Go directly to our question about what the Google Question Hub tool is.

The Google Question Hub tool is a platform developed by Google, which focuses primarily on unanswered questions on the Internet. It is a tool for the blogger community to find out what people often ask. There are no right answers to those questions. you can add questions related to your niche blog. It is the alternative of Quora. Quora have some answered and unanswered question, but this latest google question hub only has an unanswered question. Google Question Hub provides the answer to your question.

This google question hub tool is useful for new bloggers whose traffic is not coming on their website.
Google question hub only supports the URL as an answer.

So far, this tool is only available in three countries. It is in India, Indonesia, and Nigeria. Even in terms of language, it focuses only on English, Hindi, and Indonesian.

In the above three countries, there are people who have internet access, but when it comes to language knowledge, they don't have that aspect. They often type questions in their native language.

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Ekansh Jain
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