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Treatment of bone fractures in Delhi

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Fracture is defined as a break in a bone. Fractures are of different kinds ranging from hairline cracks to severe breaks where the bones do not line up properly. Fractures usually occur at the same time as other injuries like dislocations, sprains, or strains.

Symptoms of bone fracture

  • Snap or pop that can be filled or heard at the time of the impact
  • Severe pain that increases with movement or when pressure is applied to the injured area
  • Bruising and swelling
  • Difficulty in moving the injured area
  • Movement or bent on the bone where there is no joint

The injuries that occur at the same time as the fracture also require medical attention. Fracture treatment in Delhi usually splint, cast or set the broken bone to add aid in faster healing. Severe practice requires surgery for proper healing. Recovery time can extend from weeks to months depending on the age, health, location, severity, and type of the fracture. 

When a Fracture hospital in Delhi attends the patient with a fractured bone tax is complete medical history, physical examination as a part of the diagnosis process. Imaging tests like x-ray, MRI, or CT scan is done to understand the severity of the fracture. 

Methods of treating a fracture

Immobilization- cast immobilization is the most frequently used method of treating broken bones where the plaster is wrapped around the injured part and allowed to harden. This is a very effective method for aligning bones and gives good results.

  • Resetting- fracture reduction for resetting is a method of aligning broken bones. It can either be done using a non-surgical or surgical procedure.
  • Traction- is one of the oldest methods of curing fractures. In this method, the broken moon is pulled to align and often setting please the help of pins known as skeletal traction
  • Pins- pins are used for stabilizing broken bones using a closed reduction method for better alignment. 

The primary goal of every form of treatment is to control the pain, reduce complications, and promote faster healing so that the fractured area can be restored to normal quickly.

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Vardaan Clinic
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