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Transform Broken Gold Jewellery into Instant Payment

Jewels Planet
Transform Broken Gold Jewellery into Instant Payment

There is no doubt that Indians are enamoured with gold. It is in their nature to felicitate every important occasion of their life with the purchase of the glittering metal. Not only Indian households, even big corporate houses in India celebrate their success and achievements by gifting their employees with gold coins or gold bars.

Despite the worth of gold, most of the times it happens that our gold ornaments that we so fondly buy sit in the safety of our lockers. It is only on important occasions like anniversaries, parties, festivals and family functions that we actually showcase our precious ornaments.

Because these precious pieces are tucked away in a safety deposit box or sit in a drawer most of the time, they get entangled, broken, scraped or damaged. You might be disheartened to see a broken bangle, a missing earring, or a fragmented necklace. But don't lose heart! Unlike other flawed jewellery which loses its value, gold which is broken or damaged still glitters and does not lose its sheen.

If you have a damaged or an old fashioned gold ornament, or a gold piece which doesn't interest you anymore, it can still fetch you a good price. Not only jewellery, even your gold dental scrap can guarantee a good return if sold to a trustworthy gold buyer.

It is highly recommended to sell your unused or broken gold for instant payment. The money can help you repay a debt, invest for future, take a vacation, fund your education or pay a portion of your home loan. It is always better to have handy cash than some old pieces of jewellery which you no longer use.

Gold is a valuable metal. One should keep following points in mind while trying to sell gold-

  1. Weight- Any gold article is measured by its weight. A heavier item will sell for a meatier price. Do not place all gold articles on a weighing scale, it is advised to weigh the items of the same carat together.
  1. Purity- Purity of gold is an important criterion that translates directly into its authenticity. A gold with highest purity will fetch you the highest price. A genuine gold item has a Carat mark on it, such as 24K, 22K or 18K.
  1. Assortment- Always have your pieces well assorted in terms of weight, purity and rarity so that you have a fair estimate about the worth of your items.
  1. Trusted Name- Check out gold buyers near you. Check their website, google reviews and client testimonials before making your choice. Go to a buyer with a reputable standing in the market.

In your search for an authentic gold buyer, you will come across many names that buy gold for cash. If you are looking where to sell gold with the highest guaranteed price for your gold items then Jewels Planet is there to offer you the best deal.

With our state-of-the-art technology, we employ computerised lab testing with instant reports to check the purity of your gold. Our non-destructive X-Ray Fluorescence German technology assesses your gold most precisely. Our weighing scales of Japanese make, provide you with accurate gold measurements.

Customers love us for our absolute transparency. We ensure that we employ a fool-proof method that leaves no room for any flaw or discrepancy. Therefore, we educate our customers about the buying-selling process. Our transparency and honesty makes us one of the most respected gold buying business entities across India.

For us the satisfaction of our customers is the most valuable strategy. Happy customers are the greatest assets of Jewels Planet!

Jewels Planet
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