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What to Expect From the Next Google Home Nest Speaker?

James Boond
What to Expect From the Next Google Home Nest Speaker?

If you are one of those who love Google Home Speakers, then you might know that original Google Home speakers are now out of stock or unavailable with some retailers. There are some rumors that possibly Google is going to launch Google Home Next Speaker, which will stand out from other speakers due to its several features. 

About Google Nest

In 2016, Google introduced the original Google Home. It is one of the most decent speakers with the Google Assistant. In the later year, the company had launched Google Home Mini and Google Home Max. Google Home Mini is much smaller than the Original Google Home speakers, and Google Home Max is a bit larger product.

After that, they introduced Google Nest products like Nest Hub Max and Nest Hub. These products have the added display features that put them in the smart speaker’s line-up. Google introduced the Nest series after the incorporation of the Nest with Google. The Nest is one of the leading brands that work on providing smart home products. 

Then in 2019, Google rebranded and upgraded the Home mini to Google Nest mini, which proved fruitful. Google Nest Mini speakers enhanced their sound quality. It is one of the safest bets to get the Nest speakers. 

Now, three and a half years have passed, so it makes sense to retire the oldest original Google Home or replace it with the latest speaker. There are some questions about which features you will see in the next Google’s speakers. Here are some things that most of the Google speaker lovers like to see from the latest and upcoming Home Nest Smart Speaker. 

Feature That You Might See in The Google Home Nest Smart Speaker

Better Sound Quality

With the Original Google Speakers release, consumers got solid options for those who want to set up speakers in their kitchen and living room. You can connect it easily with third-party music applications like Spotify and Google Play Music. All things are good, but it doesn’t sound good, or you can say that the sound quality is not good. 

Although it has three drivers, the Google Home still produces a muddy voice and has low sound quality. Sometimes, Google Assistant works in the wrong ways, which makes it a bad experience for all the users. 

Google has to work on its Audio Game before releasing their latest brand. Google has to work on these kinds of issues as they are competing with dedicated speakers like Sonos. Therefore, Google needs to make better-sounding Nest Speakers. 

The company must have to make some essential changes like change in the control volume button and others. 


There is a common issue in all the Google Home Speaker as it reacts slightly slower than the Google Nest Mini. Let’s assume that you have both the devices, and you have commanded the same instruction to both the speakers. You will see that Google Nest Mini will react before the Google Home. Even the Nest Mini has a better processor and mics. The better processor is responsible for the quicker response.

The original home uses the Marvell Armada processor, an outdated processor that needs to be changed. Google can use any processor of other companies like Mediatek as it could help you in bringing the new power to these speakers. A lot of Amazon’s Echo products have the processor of Mediatek. You might expect that Google will work on the processor to get over the issue of slow command recognition. 

Hopefully, Google’s new product will launch with better sound quality, speed, and better command recognition feature.

Scope For More Power

All Google Nest Speakers are a great option for entertainment purposes. You can listen to your favorite songs and access around ten million tracks, which is a great feature. But it would help if you plugged it all the time.

It will be a great option when Google Home also runs on the battery. If it is available with the battery, then you can take it at any place. If you are working in any garage and need your speaker there, then the speaker powered by the battery becomes too useful. 

You might face some natural or reasonable limitations like staying in a limited Wi-Fi range; otherwise, you won’t connect to the Google Nest Speakers. There might be an issue with the battery life, but having full-day battery backup in a single charge would be a better option. Still, Google Nest speakers offer room to room connectivity around the house, which is the best feature among the Google Nest Speakers. 


Sometimes wires are better and easier to connect. You might be expecting the connection of the new Google speakers with other stereo systems, which is quite amazing. In fact, the larger Google Home Max comes with a dedicated auxiliary jack of 3.5mm. It becomes extremely easy to connect them with other audio devices and turn them into Smart devices. When it comes to any wireless connectivity, then there are chances that you won’t be able to connect your device because those devices might not support those connectivity features. 

The Google Home Max comes with the USB-C port, which is a great option. The availability of this port can help you add Nest speakers with the Home Max. The presence of optical audio out might be welcomed by the buyers. 

Wireless Connectivity

Google should work on their wireless part and offer great connectivity with the upcoming Google Nest Speaker. The presence of Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 6 in the next Google’s speaker might give extra strength to their product. 

Bluetooth 5 is the flagship feature in most of the smartphones. In the past, they had worked hard to reduce the power required to run their devices. 

Even Wi-Fi six is considered as the current generation’s Wi-Fi. You can see this feature in most new smartphones, especially the products that were launched after January. It has more advantages than Wi-Fi 5. 

Bonus Features That Might Be The Part Of The Google’s New Speaker

There is a long list of features that fans might want to be part of Google’s Next speakers. Here is the list of some features that Google might include in their speakers. 

  • Physical Mute Switch— Right now, there is no physical mute button in the speakers. If there will be a switch button, then it will be handy for you. 
  • Stereo pairing — If the speaker can pair two or more Nest Speakers at one time, it will create a great stereo effect. 
  • Auto digital signal processing — Google Home Max adjusts itself according to your room. Google fans might welcome the upgrade of this feature. 
  • More/better lights — Better indicators in the speaker would prove too helpful. 
  • Better support for multiple Google accounts — As you know, Google Voice Assistant can clearly recognize its users.

After the involvement of these features in the Google Speaker, you might want to buy it. 

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