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Best DC Shows And Movies That You Can Watch It On HBO MAX

Abigail Smith
Best DC Shows And Movies That You Can Watch It On HBO MAX
HBO Max has a large number of shows and movies that you can watch right now and enjoy. Even the streaming platform also claims that they have a larger number of DC shows or movies, and that’s true. They are currently planning to add some films and TV series in their library over the upcoming years. 

Till then, you can watch some of the DC movies and shows that are currently broadcasting on this service. If you haven’t yet subscribed to HBO Max, then do it now for enjoying these movies. You can also try it for 7 days, without spending a single penny. 

DC Movies Present On HBO Max

  • Wonder Woman
  • Aquaman
  • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Parts 1 and 2
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Joker
  • Shazam!
These are some of the best DC movies that you watch on HBO Max. Let’s talk about each movie in brief. 

Wonder Woman

Before the release of this DC movie, no one imagined that a female-lead superhero movie would work. But now everyone is aware of the result. Patty Jenkins is the director of this movie that directed this movie in such a way that everyone loves this amazing warrior movie. It is like the introduction of Wonder Woman in the DC universe, and no doubt, the movie is awesome. At the starting of the movie, Wonder Woman thinks that she belongs to the island of Themyscira. Diana is the name of the lead character played by Gal Gadot. She always thinks that she is the one who can stop World War using her powers and idealistic approach in this movie. But when the movie progresses, Diana finds that her mission becomes more complicated than she thought. These complications make this movie one of the best DC movies on HBO Max.


The movie was released in 2018, and the precise visuals in this film depict the undersea kingdom so accurately. It is a great movie that never got the respect that it really deserved. Jason Momoa leads the movie, and he has played the role of a water-breathing living creature that lives like the king of Atlantis. He is a powerful character, who rides on sharks. Patrick Wilson played the role of the ocean master, and he also wants to rule Atlantis.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Parts 1 and 2

The origin of Batman was in 1986 by Frank Miller, who wrote and drew this character in the DC’s mini-series of the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. It was a huge hit at that time, and as time passed, the audience got to see the serious side of Batman. It influences both comics and movie fans. 
In 2012, Batman fans got an animated movie that was broken into two parts. The movie shows an older Bruce Wayne who has been retired from the role of Batman for many years. Gotham city’s crime is still getting worse, and Batman finds a way to reduce the city’s crime rate. The animation work is great, and the voice-over of Batman was given by Peter Weller, which proves great for the series. Michal Emerson gives his voice to Joker, which really suits the character. There are two parts of these movies, and you can watch it on HBO Max. 

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

It is one of the controversial choices for the DC fans to count this movie on this list. But still, the story and direction of the movie make its way to get on this list. The movie was released in 2016 and was directed by Zack Snyder. Ben Affleck as Batman and Jeremy Irons as Alfred played their roles effortlessly. Here, you will also see the debut of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. 

Even the main objective of this movie is to get you ready for “Snyder Cut” of the 2017 Justice League. The Snyder Cut will release exclusively on HBO Max in 2021. 

There is something in the character of Joker, who is the biggest enemy of Batman. It is a must-watch movie because of the marvelous acting of the mail lead. The movie was released in 2019, and Joaquin Phoenix played the role of the origin of the Joker, which is just awesome. He played the role of Arthur Fleck, and this movie shows why a sad Clown turns into a murderous criminal. If you think that Batman will be the part of this movie, then you are wrong. But without Batman, the Joker will tell you the story of how some people treat others who have some mental issues. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best DC movies that you can watch right now.


It is the last DC movie on this list. It was released in 2019, and it is the adaption of the character, usually known as the “Captain Marvel.” It is a story of an orphan who suddenly encounters the Wizard Shazam, and he teaches him to transform into a powerful superhero. 
The situation gets riskier when another person with a similar power like Billy wants to take him out. Zachary Levi played the role of the superhero Shazam, and the Asher Angel played the younger Billy.

Some Best Shows On HBO Max

Some of the best DC Shows on HBO Max are:
  • Doom Patrol
  • Watchmen
Let’s talk about these shows in brief.

Doom Patrol

It is undoubtedly the best show of the DC universe, and now it is in the library of the HBO Max DC shows. Initially, it was released by the comic book version of the superpower characters in the 1960s.
In this show, you will see the cocktail of all the characters from the original Doom Patrol, like Robotman and other interesting characters. Diane Guerrero played the role of Crazy Jane, who has 64 personalities.
It is hard to describe the Doom Patrol in 3-4 lines, but if you want to watch a superhero action show, it should be a high priority. You can watch the first season right now, while the second season airs.


A list of best shows of DC on HBO Max is not complete until you haven’t added Watchmen in it. Several individuals think that it will be a bad decision to do the next part of Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore’s superhero show. It was the story when a masked vigilante was treated as the criminals by the Government Agencies. The story revolves around some bands that want to start a mutiny, and others that want to stop them. 
It is one of the most excellent shows, and after some time, you might get to see the second installment of this show. The first season of the show was released on October 20, 2019. 
These are the best DC movies and shows that you can watch right now on HBO Max. 

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