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Faulty Graphics Card Indications and How to Fix Them

Abigail Smith
Faulty Graphics Card Indications and How to Fix Them

Graphics card is an essential piece for your computer, especially if you are a professional in 3D works, or if you play video games. A graphics card is made to push the computer graphics to the next level. Unfortunately, graphics cards come with their own sets of problems and issues, just like adding extra hardware to a computer. This becomes more of an issue with the users who are not experienced with graphics cards, and it’s possible errors.

So, what are the possible problems a graphics card can create, and how to fix them? You will get all your answers in this guide.

The Indications of Faulty Graphics Card , myyellowsetup

Computer Crashes

When a graphics card is nearing its end, it may cause your PC to crash. You can encounter a crashing system in various ways, like a simple bluescreen, a “lockup,” wherein the computer freezes without any bluescreen showing up, or irregular restarts, and power-offs. Although you cannot blame every crash on the graphics card, however, if your memory dumps says so, then surely the graphics card is your culprit. 


Whatever you see on your screen is what the graphics card has drawn on your monitor. So, if you notice bizarre visuals, like a stretched 3D model, strange colors, digital snow, or if sometimes the entire screen is covered with visual garbage, then it’s nothing but your graphics card acting up. 

Loud Fan Sounds

If sometimes, you hear the sound of a jet aircraft taking off within your computer, after booting a graphics card enabled software, then this sound is proof that your system fan is working too hard. This sound is probably indicating that there is something wrong with the graphics card. 

Driver Crashes

If you experience random screen blackouts, even for a few seconds, this is not healthy for your system. And if these blackouts are followed by a message that your video drivers have crashed and should be restarted, then you need to eliminate this issue.

The Fixes to Faulty Graphics Card

While most of the above indications suggest that your graphics card is dying, it doesn’t mean to straight buy a new one. There are few fixes to make your graphics card perform better. 

Change the Drivers

The use of a graphics card means a lot of ifs and buts. They can create issues for unpredictable reasons. For example, if your graphics card is updated, you will face problems playing modern games. If it is old, new drivers will cause more harm than good to the system. 

You can update your graphics card via Nvidia, AMD, or Intel. Also, if your drivers are updated, and you are still facing driver issues, try turning back the driver to an earlier date.

Cool It Down 

If the errors occur only after rendering 3D graphics, then most probably, the issues are due to the overheating of your graphics card. If this is the case, you will notice an extremely loud fan sound around your graphics card. If you think that the temperature of your graphics card is higher than normal, then you can remove the graphics card and clean any dust using compressed air. 

Make Sure It’s Properly Seated

You must ensure that your graphics card is seated properly in its PCI slot and screwed in tight. Also, check that the additional power plugs are properly clipped into the unit. Failure to do so results in errors related to the graphics card.

Check the Video Cable

If the connections between your PC and graphics card goes wrong, it results in bizarre visual effects. If you encounter strange visuals, check for improper or loose connections. 

Check The Monitor

Although, our mind always points to the graphics card while facing a visual glitch. But sometimes, the culprit could be your monitor. So, before deciding to change your graphics card, try to plugin to another monitor.

Replace the Card

If you have tried all the possibilities to revive your graphics card, and still not succeeding, then you are left with no other option but to buy a new and better card.

We hope that you were able to find the final answer to the visual issues faced by your computer. Whether it is a possible fix for your faulty graphics card, or should you just buy a new one!

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Abigail Smith
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