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Learn About PHP Servers In a PHP Course

Shramika Gamare
Learn About PHP Servers In a PHP Course
  • What Is a PHP Server? Covered in a PHP course

A PHP Course would tell you that a PHP server offers a platform for running PHP applications. Some may just carry out some fundamental tasks like these. On the other hand, the other PHP application servers offer additional functionality like clustering services, debuggers, and automated tools for application monitoring and web-server configuration. These servers conserve time as well as minimize the requirement for many third-party or open source technologies.


Developing PHP applications taught in a PHP Course

A PHP course would tell developers that they first need to understand PHP application basics before that of a PHP application server. They need to first choose the programming language. Thus, a PHP course tells you why PHP is chosen by many developers.


About PHP:

  • An easy to learn and use scripting language
  • It comprises of 150 extensions which really are ready-to-go compiled libraries. These enable functions in your applications like database access, LDAP integration, and in-memory caching, which save a lot of time.
  • Backs the inclusion of code that is scripted in various languages including JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. It also includes C functions with the FFI functionality, which was introduced in PHP 7.4
  • Functions with many PHP development platforms, known as PHP frameworks.




Moving on to PHP frameworks also coverd in a PHP course:

PHP Frameworks significantly speed up development and enhance code quality by offering pre-built modules. Examples of PHP frameworks include Laminas, Symphony, Laravel, and Cake PHP. They help developers to:

  • Spare time by avoiding several tiresome coding tasks.
  • Reduce errors, enrich application stability, and strengthen security by applying pre-tested code snippets

Is PHP a server side technology? Asked by many in a PHP course

Many aspiring developers have this query. So, to clear this doubt, let us tell you that once you script your  website application in PHP, you need a PHP) server to deploy it. It is not like client side applications which that run on client devices such as desktops and mobile phones. In fact, PHP applications run on servers. Therefore, PHP is server side.


Are PHP Servers Web Servers?

Industry trainers at  a  would one and for all clear the doubt that PHP servers are not web servers. Though   many people   PHP Course use the terms interchangeably.





Shramika Gamare
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