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Mobile web app development requires detailed planning

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Mobile web app development requires detailed planning

The most common mistake programmers make is not planning the project properly. Before starting any project every programmer should do planning and re-planning and put up a list of main points like What type of audience is going to use the app? What are they going to be using it for? How can you brainstorm and manipulate the audience to make them use your application? What technology do you want to use on the front end? What is your front-end state going to look like? and Planning the component hierarchy. These are some of the most important points that need to be remembered before starting my project.

Planning and Re-planning

Like Abraham Lincoln once said; ”Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree, I’ll spend the first 4 hours sharpening my axe.”

When you start planning, you should usually start with a really basic wireframe. Firstly, you should have an idea in your mind about how your project is going to look and what functionality and data you will require to execute the project. You may notice that there are some things that are trippy. That is why you require planning and wireframe sketches to plan the project. After sketching out your basic outline you will have an idea and an image that help you to move forward onto a wireframing sketch. Now that you have covered the process of putting them on paper. Every goal you want to achieve should be distributed into smaller steps and work should start accordingly.

Here is a sample layout that you can use to document the plan of your web or mobile app development:


Milestone 1

Start Date : The start date when milestone 1 started (mm/dd/yyyy)

End Date: The end date when milestone 1 ended (mm/dd/yyyy)

Functionality-1 :<List of features to be done in milestone 1>

Time Taken: in hours


 Milestone 2, Milestone 3, Milestone 4,…, Milestone N

(The same process as above need to be followed while creating further milestones)

This is how you follow agile processes in web or mobile app development projects and keep delivering different milestones to clients successfully.

Planning according to which audience is going to be using the app?
When considering the ‘who’ you should also think about the following questions like In what surroundings will people be most likely to use this app? How long will people generally want to spend their time on the app?

Planning according to how can it be arranged in an intuitive way?
Once you know how and who will be using the app, how can you lay it out in a way that your target audience will ‘get it’ in just a couple of seconds?

Brainstorming and Manipulating the audience

You should focus on what age group of people is going to use your app and more importantly, they’re going to be those people who are most comfortable with the technology. For eg. If you are making an app where people can watch concerts then you will have an idea about what age group of people likes to watch concerts and the user will be in a positive mindset and in the mood of having fun.


Every goal you want to achieve should be distributed into smaller steps and work should start accordingly. Here is a sample layout that you can use to document the plan of your web.

Market validation

It’s important that you validate your idea before getting forward into developing the app. Creating a successful app for a competitive market or dead market turns out to be a very complicated challenge. Market validation can be done in 2 stages. The first market validation research happens before getting into details of the development. Here you need to analyze the need of customers and what and how they need it. Another step involves launching your app in the market.

Check your finance

Developing web applications is an overpriced process. It includes website domain, design, hosting and the most important is the developing process itself. If you have a small fiance then it is better to get a minimum viable product developed that depicts your overall thought and then approach someone for the funding to take your product to a higher level.

Technology stack

The technology stack is the set of languages, frameworks, and database management system that gives your app body. Here are some common languages that will help you design and develop a web app:

Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Back-end: Django(Python), Codeigniter(PHP), React.js (JavaScript), Ruby on Rails(Ruby)
Database: MySQL, MongoDB(NoSQL Database), PostgreSQL
Server: Apache, Nginx
These languages bring out usability in your web app. It is very important to choose this set wisely. Ideally, the stack should be based on the availability of developers, suitability of the language, and requirement of the app itself.


It may sound easy to come up with a creative idea but there are no complications involved. The development strategy starts with the planning and then systematically moves to a security check. design and development. It is necessary to plan web ideas in advance so that you won’t get stuck in between projects.

Planning web ideas becomes the base of all the efforts that you put into development. Make a priority list, simple list pieces into the top to bottom based on how important it is to complete the parts. When you have nicely put it out, you can begin programming. We discussed a few important points above, though this is not the only way to do it but works well in most cases.

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