Top 20 SaaS Startups, That Change the World in 2020

Maksym Babych

Among the countless business models out there, Software as a Service has emerged as a cutting edge model in the last two decades. SaaS’s ability to operate in minimum drive space has made it one of the best business models for startups. Moreover, it is also secure, easy to use, and easy to maintain.

The SaaS market is expected to hit the $278 billion mark by 2021. So, if you have the right knowledge about what is SaaS, this is the best time for you to develop and launch your product.

Moreover, there is also a need to analyze your startup idea. Many people like you may be working on something new and disruptive. It is possible that the existing SaaS startups have a similar idea to yours.

Hence, it is essential to check if your idea will be unique in the market or not. Here we have compiled a list of some top SaaS startups. Analyze this list to get some ideas and tips for your business venture.

Top 20 Startups to Watch

  1. Backbone AI(New York, United States)

Backbone AI empowers your eCommerce or production business with its state of the art products. These sort of SaaS software startups help the users manage and track data related to your inventory.

2. BCN3D (Barcelona, Spain)

BCN3D is one of the best SaaS startups related to 3D printers. The 3D printers are best suited for the engineering and manufacturing industries. In addition to this, they can also be used for the education sector projects.

3. StackHawk (Denver, United States)

Stack Hawk develops tools for those who are in the app development field. Their tool, HawkScan looks for security bugs in your app development pipeline. Moreover, StackHawk is one of those startups that also provides a separate SaaS platform.

4. Aditus (Porto, Portugal)

Aditus is one of the successful SaaS startups that provide web and developer tools. Their platform offers services that check the accessibility of your website. Moreover, it also informs you of the solutions to the issues, if found.

5. Messagely (Las Vegas, United States)

Customer satisfaction is the number one goal of every business. And Messagely helps you achieve that goal with its state of the art platform. You can use the messaging platform for acquiring, engaging, and supporting your customers.

6. Archbee (Delaware, United States)

All startups, whether it is related to SaaS, manufacturing, or development, require documentation. And with growth, these documents increase in number. This is where Archbee steps in. It reduces the hassle of managing and keeping a record of your documents.

7. Superproof (Canada)

Superproof undertakes an ingenious concept of designing notification templates. You can get these templates to interact with your website audience. Moreover, it is also easy to customize the notifications as per your preference.

8. Funnelll (United States)

Funnelll helps you track and optimize your ad campaign right on their platform. All that you need to do is link your ads and analytics account. The platform will track and share customer actions with you. Based on that, you can make changes to your ad campaign.

9. OpenStudio (Italy)

OpenStudio started with the vision to be among the successful SaaS startups in the world. Its ingenious all-in-one, business management tool, is the best gift for entrepreneurs. The tool includes everything from handling payments, managing docs to assisting customers all in one spot.

10. YAC (Florida, United States)

Among other similar SaaS startups YAC is the best among all in case of remote voice communication. The YAC app allows you to talk to your remote team members without any real meeting. Moreover, it also allows you to add unlimited team members to the group.

11. Video Jaguar (Washington, D.C, United States)

To attract the audience, you need stimulating images and videos on your website. To help you with that, Video Jaguar is here with its remarkable features.

12. Tabled (London, UK)

Tabled is one of the top SaaS startups in the world focussed on legal services. If you are a lawyer, then Tabled is the answer to managing your messy workflow. It allows you to effectively manage and coordinate with your legal matters.

13. Payvoice (Vancouver, Canada)

Payvoice is one of those SaaS startups that focuses on easing the process of user subscription management. It is the ultimate solution to your manual billing and subscription management process.

14. Supercode (New York, United States)

QR codes are widely used in accepting payments, getting product information, etc. these days. So, it is better to get one for your business. Supercode is one of the top SaaS startups that helps you make your own QR code.

15. ExhibitDay (Maryland, United States)

Exhibit day is more like a digital checklist related to an event. It helps you effectively manage trade shows and exhibits. You can assign tasks like reserving hotel rooms, preparing the stage, etc. to your teams.

16. Descra (Poland)

Descra offers an innovative tool that can speed up your content generation process. Being one of the best SaaS startups, descra saves both time and energy of content creators. With this tool, you can write multiple, compelling product descriptions in less time.

17. Zeevou (Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom)

Zeevou is one of those successful SaaS startups that streamlines the process of your hospitality business. Management of aspects like booking, guest vetting, communication, and accounting can become hectic. To solve this issue, the startups offer you a SaaS tool that can manage everything in one place.

18. Koppr (Mumbai, India)

Koppr is one of the best SaaS startups in India that focuses on employee’s well being. Employees can be tough to retain in an organization. The sole reason behind this is their unstable financial condition. So, Koppr took the liberty to develop a financial management platform.

19. Ready Set Connect (United States)

Ready Set Connect is one of the best startups that provides a SaaS tool for clinicians and educators. The core idea behind the tool is to provide appropriate therapy sessions with ease.

20. Cashswapper (London, UK)

Cashswapper is a remarkable SaaS app produced by one of the top startups. It helps you swap currency anywhere very easily. Just follow some simple guidelines and you are done.

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