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What is Augmented Reality and what are its Uses?

Muhammad Haseeb
What is Augmented Reality and what are its Uses?

Introduction to Augmented Reality

The term augmented reality means real-world environment. It is used through computer.An environment is created by the computer that resembles the real environment, it is difficult to distinguish between the real environment and the fake environment.It is used in gaming and many other fields. Augmented reality is a technology that creates an atmosphere of augmented image, augmented sound and many other augmented things.So, augmented reality is a technique that creates a computer-generated environment similar to your surroundings.

If you try to understand it in the simple language, then it is a technique or technology in which a virtual scene is created by connecting another virtual world with the surrounding environment, which is very real to see.

AR technology depends on three things: Motion tracking, Light estimation and Flat surface

Motion Tracking: When we use the camera, the gyroscope also moves with the camera. A gyroscope is a type of sensor that informs the degree of bending of the phone. This helps augmented reality in motion tracking.

Light Estimation: The surrounding light is also measured by the device's sensors. With this, it can also be made a reflection of the sizes of augmented reality. The characters that appear in it seem to be very real.

Flat Surface: When an equal and flat surface is found in the environment, only after that, augmented reality can work. It cannot be used in a bumpy place. It is necessary to have aflat surface for model making and interaction.

In this way, Augmented Reality works on Recognition Algorithm Technology based on computer vision in which sound, video, graphics, and other sensors based real-world inputs are captured from the device's camera, and then integrates them with the virtual world thus creating virtual world like a real world.

You can take an example of augmented reality with a Pokemon game in which you are walking on the road and you also see Pokémon on the same road.In this game the road and the rest of the scenes are correct but Pokemon is virtual that you can see.

Some uses of Augmented Reality


The use of Augmented Reality in GPS system is very beneficial. With the help of phone, camera and GPS, you can see the live status of the road in your mobile and can reach your location with virtual route marking.

Real Estate

Augmented reality is also used for blue print in construction work in which the design of the house or building being built is already shared with the customers so that the design can be changed according to the needs of the customers.


In the field of education too, digital methods are being chosen over traditional methods. A huge change is being made in the field of education with Augmented Reality, through which you can see the information of any topic as well as the picture related to it, which will make the subject easy to understand as well as the education will be available for all age of people.

Muhammad Haseeb
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