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When Should You Start Looking for a New iPad?

karen jodes
When Should You Start Looking for a New iPad?

Apple launched its first iPad in April 2010, and since then, the company has launched over ten versions of iPads with different specifications and upgraded features. If you’re someone using an old iPad, then you might be missing out on all the quick features and amazing benefits that the latest iPads have to offer. The regular launch of iPadOS updates and new iPad devices might tempt you to jump into the latest iPad. But there are a few ways through which you can determine if it is the right time for you to purchase a new iPad or stick to the one you are using right now. The following signs will help you notice and decide if you should invest in a new iPad:

iPadOS Compatibility

The operating system in all devices has to be upgraded from time to time. These upgrades are important and responsible for fixing bugs, security patches, adding new features, replacement of some old features, and more. Since 2019 and prior, the iPad’s operating system has remained similar, so you might not experience any troubles with the operating system.

If you are using an old iPad, then you could be missing out on a lot of benefits including security patches, latest features, and more. If the older model of your iPad fails to upgrade to the latest iPadOS version, then it’s time to get a new iPad.

App Crashes Regularly

With the new iPad models, the apps and gaming experience has also improved. A device and operating system update can open doors to a whole new experience for you. Unfortunately, old device users miss out on a lot of benefits as with the introduction of the new OS and device update, old ones expire. It means that the old iPad device users lose support from a lot of apps as well. The app that was initially generated for iPadOS 7 might have been updated by the developers for iPadOS 13. So, if your old iPad can’t run the latest OS, you won’t get such updates on your device, resulting in a lack of app support. It leads your apps to crash regularly

But with the latest version of iPadOS, your apps will remain up-to-date, bringing you new features, bug fixes, and security. So, if your iPad apps are crashing regularly, you should consider getting a new one.

Running Out of Space

Another sign to look for is to check if your device continually runs out of space or storage. Running out of the storage limit a few times is common, but if it happens regularly, then your device may have an issue. For the not-so-often case, you can try using cloud storage and external storage options.

But if it is a regularly popping notification on your iPad, then the size of your installed apps might be the culprit. If the tools you use regularly are causing an issue, then uninstalling them is not the right solution. Since most of the time, updated apps are larger than the previously released version, you could end up using apps that don’t have the capacity to install and run on your old iPad. So, if the storage issue keeps bothering you, invest in the latest iPad.

Battery Life

iPads come with a rechargeable Li-Po battery that can run for a considerable amount of time, but with passing years, battery health starts deteriorating. The Li-Po batteries start losing their health after a finite number of charge cycles. So, the older your device gets, the more usage cycles it has experienced. Unfavorable temperatures like extreme heat or cold can negatively affect batteries. Such harsh temperatures can lead to over-heating resulting in fully discharging the cell. If your iPad runs out of battery very rapidly than usual, then that’s a sign right there to change your device. 

Unresponsive Hardware

Over time, it is common to experience issues with volume and rotation controls, but an inability to access the home screen can indicate hardware problems. For a temporary solution, you can try replacing the Home button with an on-screen alternative from the Settings of your device. Go to Accessibility, click on Touch, and select Assistive Touch. 

Overall, the lifespan of your iPad depends on a lot of factors. Apart from the signs mentioned above, the longevity of an iPad also depends on how often you use it.t On average, an iPad can work for at least five years based on the model and OS it uses. 

source: Start Looking for a New iPad

karen jodes
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