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Common Flowers and Their Representation in Life

taufik hidayat
Common Flowers and Their Representation in Life

Flower is one of the best products of nature. People love flower because of its beauty. Some might love roses. Some might love lilies. Some others might love daffodils. Despite of the flowers that they love, none that does not love flowers. For your information, flowers have thousands of meaning based on the kind and its colors. You can find out more at https://www.doreny.cl to find out that there are a lot of meanings that you can get just from all of those flowers around you. If you are interested to know, then here are some of the most common flowers that you usually find around you with its representation in life.


Red Rose

Rose is one of those flowers that many people love. You cannot deny that the rose has thorns and that can be very painful if you hit it. However, the symbol and meaning of the rose is something that many people will surely use. On this case, you might want to focus on the red rose. It is because the best color of rose to represent love is red. The red rose fully represents the romanticism. It is something that many couple need in their love life. Because of this special meaning too, a lot of people are using the red roses to show their love during the valentine day. You can actually use some other colors of rose such as pink or white rose. Yet, red rose is the most special of all when you are talking about love.



Talking about the meaning of carnation, the flower is a bit similar with rose. Yet, it does not show as much love as the rose does. Many people tend to say that the soft color of carnation actually shows the admiration of someone. That is why the love is not something to highlight when you are using carnation to show your love and admiration. As an addition to that, many of you might have known that carnation is also called the paper flower. It is because of the looks that look like the flower is made of paper. This condition highlights the fragility of the flower as the symbol of love. It turns the love into a simple admiration.



In UK region, chamomile is usually used as one of those additional ingredients for tea time. That is because after they drink the chamomile tea, they will feel relaxed. This is also the kind of meaning that you can get from chamomile flowers. The meaning is not related with Amor at all. the white color of this flower with a slight touch of yellow on the center truly highlights the white purity and calmness of this flower. Energy in adversity is the words that you can use to fully describe this flower. Some people use the chamomile for saying goodbye to the one passed away. However, that is not the only way to use this flower. You can also use the flower to show your caring to someone who is in trouble.



The clean white color of tulips is usually used as the symbol of sincerity. Giving tulips to ask for forgiveness is something nice to do because the flower will help you to say that you are sincerely sorry. Other than its sincerity, there are some other meanings of tulips that you need to know. They are the expression of love, caring, high spirit, and also friendship. Yet, in general, the tulip is used as the symbol of pure love without any lust at all. That is the white colored tulip for you. You cannot say that the same thing is applied to the other colors of tulips because the color can also change the meaning of the tulip from Flores a domicilio.



Many people have sunflowers in front of their house. A lot of people love the beauty of this flower. However, there are not many people who know the real meaning of sunflower. For your information, sunflower is used to symbolize the false wealth and fortune. How is that even possible? It is because in the past, the color of this flower looks very bright, as bright as gold, the symbol of fortune. However, it is not gold at all. Yet, the sunflower has blinded those people in the past. Even though, the sunflower is also used as the symbol of strength and loyalty. Sunflower always faces the direction of the lights from the sun. Besides that, the size of this sun proves that this flower is no going to go down because of small matters.



Talking about the look, daisy can be considered as the real opposite of sunflower. That is because the size of daisy is quite small and the colors are totally the opposite of sunflower. If you ever notice, daisy is used as the first symbol that you can find in Girl Scout. That is something that can definitely symbolized by this small flower. This flower says everything about innocence, the same thing like all of those girl scouts. Other than innocence, daisy is also associated with two other things such as the purity of someone and the youth. Can you relate all of those things symbolized by daisy? You will notice that all of them are leading to the born of a new life in this world.



The last flower that you need to know is lilac. Since it is the kind of flower that you can find in spring, many people said that lilac symbolizes the beauty of spring. It is also related with the Easter holiday. You cannot deny this one. Even though, there is a deeper meaning of this flower if you want to know. It is because spring is considered as the new season in a year and that is also the meaning of this flower. Lilac is used to symbolize the birth of a new life in your life. It symbolizes the start of something new in life. So, if you know someone is starting something new deep down their heart, lilac is the best flower option to give. To find more information about flower you can visit Regalos a domicilio.

taufik hidayat
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