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Bigger Tech Market after the USA is App Developers India

Harry Patel
Bigger Tech Market after the USA is App Developers India

Suppose you want to name one single country outside of the US that represented the phenomenal growth story purely on the virtue of its tech talents and poor technological resources. In that case, it is none other than India. India is no longer a destination for cheap resources and manpower in the software development landscape, but it is the world’s most highly estimated region for developer talents. When it comes to mobile app development, app developers India boasts of many of the world’s most sought-after developers.

Indian app developers have been an inspiration to the global companies in respect of innovation, creative excellence, and out of the box approaches to problem-solving. No wonder, today, in the outsourcing landscape, Indian developers are placed way ahead than any other country. Here we are going to explain some of the most important reasons for hiring app developers from India for your next software or app project.

Real-life problem-solving skills

Indians are known for them out of the box approaches in solving real-life problems and coming with unique solutions that can be multi-billion-dollar business concepts. The country, beleaguered by poor public infrastructure and a plethora of problems across all spheres, offers multitudes of opportunities to come with unique ideas and business concepts focusing on solving real-life problems. Several young Indian startups flourished in recent years, showcasing this problem-solving skills and creative excellence of Indian talents.

From small startups growing into billion-dollar digital companies to unique IT solutions making positive contributions to changing the lives of millions, the problem-solving skills of young entrepreneurs and developers in India are continuing to give birth to success stories one after another. When you hire Indian app developers, there are chances of getting onboard some talents with unique ideas to solve problems.

One of the biggest factors that add to the creativity of Indian developers is the youth dominated population. Demographically, India boasts of a dominant young population with below-25 aged people making more than 50% of the population. No wonder the rising aspirations of young Indians are continuously coming with innovative tech ideas, tech startups, and new skills. Catering to a large market dominated by businesses across all sizes and niches, Indian developers can deliver unique solutions to any business-specific development need imaginable.

The diversity of talent pool and IT landscape

When you consider outsourcing app developers India automatically comes as the first choice simply because of the huge diversity of talent pool and the multifaceted IT landscape populated by both big and small IT companies across the spectrum. You have hundreds of credible choices for every specific software development and IT needs.

The diverse talent pool presenting every skill set, technology stack, and expertise level coupled with the most promising IT companies with global processes and a multitude of promising startups, you have the diversity that no country in the world can offer to fulfill outsourcing requirements.

The cultural diversity of the employees in any Indian IT companies is something to reckon with. Coming from different socioeconomic backgrounds with diverse cultural lineage, Indian developers can easily bring a whole variety of perspectives and approaches to IT solutions. With Indian IT companies, you have the widest palette of cultural diversity than any other IT destination.

Time tested and widely benchmarked

India already enjoys the leadership position in the world’s IT landscape, with dozens of companies ranked among the top innovative brands and thousands of IT startups continuing to serve global enterprises of all niches and categories. Indian IT companies are already time-honored for their effective and efficient role in advancing innovations across several sectors and industries. No wonder a vast majority of US and European companies always consider India first for outsourcing their development and IT projects.

Over the years, the Indian IT sector continued to grow and become the country’s most significant contributor in terms of economic value, assets, and growth promises. Many of the strongest Indian IT brands are global leaders in their categories, and many young Indian IT startups continue to get featured among the global IT listings with their innovative products and concepts. As the second biggest IT hub of the world, India is already a time-tested outsourcing destination.

Cost advantage

Last but not the least of all major reasons for looking towards India for IT outsourcing is the unparalleled cost advantage. Indian IT companies enjoy a superior pricing advantage over their competitors from other parts of the world because of a relatively cheaper currency and the huge competition and price war among Indian IT companies. As the most diversified and continuously expanding IT market India offers a staggering number of choices with close competition in terms of quality and pricing.

Western companies and global enterprises for whom securing cost advantage are crucial to standing the onslaught of competition, Indian development companies and its pool of app developers offer the most balanced choice for outsourcing projects at low cost without compromising quality.


Despite all these positive aspects that attract global companies to hire Indian app developers, they cannot take these advantages for granted. Indian development companies are diverse and can build superior quality products for a global audience, provided you know how to differentiate the right talents from the self-proclaimed pool of IT talents.

Harry Patel
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