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5 Benefits of hiring an Offshore software development team

Khoi Phan
5 Benefits of hiring an Offshore software development team

So you have a need to build software but not the skills or bandwidth to do it in-house? You gear up in the search to find a reputable agency in your city but their project estimates give you serious sticker-shock? Here, we will discuss the benefits of an offshore software development team and why you should hire one.

Software development is indeed expensive and intensely time-consuming to do on your own. But really, it shouldn’t have to be like that.

Given the technological advancements and cost reasons, companies of all sizes today are offshoring a range of software development tasks. From simple coding to custom software development and maintenance, mobile application development, and website design and development – companies are freeing themselves from the challenge of hiring skilled staff for doing this range of activities.

So what is offshore software development? Why should companies opt for one and what are the benefits of an offshore software development team? Here you’ll get the answers to all your questions!

What is Offshore software development?

To put it in simple words, the definition of offshore software development is outsourcing software development tasks to another company.

Technically, it is a form of collaboration where a company decides to outsource a software-based project to a third-party entity situated in another country or a place off the shore of the company’s residence (so the word, offshore).

For example, a company based in California delegating software development tasks to a business offering software development services in Berlin.

Why do companies opt for Offshore Development?

Given the pace at which this industry is growing, there is a range of factors why companies of all sizes are hiring offshore development teams today. So What are these factors?

To put it in simple words, there is a lot of time, effort, capital that goes into coming up with powerful and innovative software solutions for companies to help themselves stand out from their competitors. Especially companies that cannot hire the most talented recruits have to settle with either less-skilled or less-qualified developers than they hoped for and have to face lukewarm software solutions.

By hiring offshore developers, they are not only freeing themselves from the challenge of hiring the best and empowering skilled staff but also ensuring that they get the best quality software delivered to them in the shortest possible time – which ultimately reduces development time and gives them the time to build strategies around that product.

Benefits of an Offshore software development team and why you should hire one for your business:

1. Reduces Costs

In some of the big countries in the world like the US, hiring local developers can be a costly affair, and hiring the best developers comes with its own premium cost.

Keep in mind that payroll is just one small aspect of the cost, working space, equipment, day-to-day amenities, and other employee benefits all add up to the payroll. All of this together makes building a fully-functional in-house team highly expensive.

Going offshore and hiring software teams in countries like India and Ukraine can significantly reduce costs because the costs of living in these countries are a lot lower as compared to say the United States or Singapore.

These are not only the countries where outsourcing charges are very low but also have high-quality developers. So you get equivalent talents at a much cheaper rate.

2. Gives Time to Focus On Other Essential Tasks

Hiring an offshore software development agency can save companies a lot of time – especially start-ups, who are constantly juggling between the core functions of their business but are loose on man-power.

When your company has instant access to high-performing talents and expert teams of professionals to work for your technical jargon, you and your team can then easily focus on other important aspects of your business.

3. Access Exceptional Talent

According to ITWorld, an average company spends 8-12 weeks or longer hiring a specialized team of software developers. If you think about it, that is two to three months of wastages, project dilation, and even worse, loss of money.

The demand for software developers is high, but finding the right talent is a task of its own.

While talking about the benefits of software development team, having access to world-class talent isn’t a dream anymore! There seems to be an immense pressure in the U.S. and Europe to find engineers with the right skill set and at an affordable price.

According to research by the World Economic Forum, countries like China and India are among the top two countries that produce the most amount of engineering graduates (over 1 million). They stand ahead among some of the biggest countries in the world like the US, Rusia, and Japan.

These countries are a paradise for developers and you can find a team of proactive engineers who will just be perfect to invest in your business.

4. Simplifies Scaling Your Business

When you start your business, it is quite evident that you start thinking about the scaling strategy, and adding an in-house team will only increase the cost in the long run.

An offshore company will help your business scale as per requirements. When you have access to a good team of professionals, they will help you realize how to invest in the best technology, stay competitive, and improve marketing and engagement strategies. And because this team is yours and not freelancers, they will be with you every step of the way.

You can easily contact the company responsible for the team and ask for more staff and within hours you can have developers required to meet all your new needs.

This way you’re creating an environment for your business that is constantly improving and growing.

5. Access To Latest Technologies

When you’re a small business, it’s impossible to get access to all the latest and trending technologies because of the cost factor. Since these software companies spend most of their time improving technologies and learning new skills, they can bring much more on the table than you expected.

Some of these include proven procedures and processes, documentation, and structured methodologies. You will also be comforted by the fact that your provider will constantly update, patches, and replace systems when necessary.

Bottom Line

So these were the top 5 benefits an offshore software development team and why you should hire one.

In this modern business world, where there is a constant need for software development, outsourcing is an easy way to get the job done! In order to reduce operating costs and increase productivity for your business, the main priority for these companies is to use the latest and trending technologies.

Therefore, hiring the best offshore software development team is a must. Get in touch with one today and hire developers to scale up your business in order to reap long-term benefits!

Khoi Phan
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