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7 Tips for Maintenance of Your Windshield

James Polson
7 Tips for Maintenance of Your Windshield

Your car’s windshield and windows are essential safety components that can protect the individuals inside. Consider this: you won’t wait for days with a broken arm to the doctor. So why take the same risk with the car windshield. It is a protection system which can help you to maintain the car’s structure. Therefore, it is crucial that you are aware of the importance of the windshield and make sure to do right for its maintenance.

Auto glass repairs typically do not take much time, and the cost is relatively inexpensive to other repairs of the vehicle. It is a good idea to go to an auto glass repair shop in Florida, Georgia, and more to make sure to do the right job. 

Here are a few tips for the maintenance of the windshield. 

  1. Keeping a safe distance 

Apart from increasing the normal dangers of following the vehicle in front of you, it also increases the chance of something bouncing off and hitting at your windscreen. No matter the size of the stone, it is likely to cause damage to your windshield, which if not repaired quickly can lead to further damages. 

  1. Clean and change the wipers

After continuous use of the wipers, they become blunt and dry, which causes them to scratch the windshield. The dirt and sand that gathers on the wiper blades need to be cleaned frequently. The wipers also need to be changed to avoid scratching the windshield. They can be cleaned with the help of cloth soaked in washer liquid. 

  1. Leaving the wiper blades up before a snow or ice storm 

Places having extreme temperatures can also have a devastating effect on the screen and windshield. Leaving the blades up in the air can hit the windshield during the storm which can break the windscreen. 

  1. Ice scrapping 

Just like leaving the wiper blades up can break the shield, the ice scrappers used to clear the ice on the windshield can also break the glass? This is very common in winters as aggressive ice scrapping leads to unnecessary stretching and hitting the windshield with a strong arm can lead to broken glass. 

A pro tip for the people in the extreme climate: never use a snow shovel to wipe off the snow from the car. It can get you to replace the windshield very often.  

  1. Using the right cleaners 

It is time to wipe the glass to rid of the dirt and grim on the glass. However, it requires you to choose the right cleaners to clean the glass. A cleaner without ammonia is an amazing way to clean the glass without wiping off the tint of the glass. 

  1. Avoid extreme climate change. 

During winters, make sure to avoid any temperature change to avoid breaking the glass. Many people do this tactic to melt the ice by spraying hot water on the icy surface. This only leads to breaking or cracking of the glass, especially if it has already been chipped. 

  1. Opt for quality windshield replacement

No windshield is better than the one originally installed at the initial stages of its framing. Where, it cannot be compared with the glass being repaired, but its quality can determine if you should get it or not. Not getting quality glass for replacement can cause problems for the value of the auto as well as your safety.

James Polson
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