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Explore Why Universities Need a Virtual University Campus Tour

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Explore Why Universities Need a Virtual University Campus Tour

Like every other industry, even the education sector had to handle the ill-effects of the pandemic. It has been months since the pandemic hit the whole world, but the educational institutes are still developing new modes of conducting lectures and devising different strategies to smoothen the admission process. Along with the universities, it has been quite difficult for students and their parents to cope with the sudden change. Earlier, the students used to visit different universities to take a tour of the campus and to check their facilities, before making the life-altering decision of where they will study.

However, campus visits have significantly reduced due to numerous factors. Instead of travelling all the way to a distant location to visit the campus, the Gen Z prefers to do thorough research and for such people, a virtual university campus tour is highly beneficial. A virtual tour is an accumulation of panoramic images clicked with the technique of 360-degree photography and is accompanied by sound or text effects. Nowadays, most of the higher education institutes are using virtual tours to offer a personalized guide to the students in the form of well-curated and engaging content.

How students can make the most of the virtual tours?

  • For every student, the campus can be a deciding factor when selecting a university or a college. Choosing a college is more than just finding an institute that offers the best educational facilities as it is a place where they will be spending the next three to four years of their life. Hence, it becomes all the more important to take a tour of the campus.

  • A professionally-designed virtual tour provides detailed information about each location on the campus so that they can experience how exactly it feels to be inside the university. From debate clubs to playfields, lounges, central library, dorms and more, they can quickly gather every small information about each location.

  • Most importantly, virtual tours are highly convenient as the students are not charged any fee, and all they have to do is visit the college website and click on the tour to enjoy an immersive experience. This way, the students also save a huge amount of money, which is otherwise required for travelling to distantly located universities.

Why every university should invest in virtual tours?

It has been rightly said that the in-person tours are highly persuasive and effective, however, they only work when the students are physically present at the university. There are hundreds of students that prefer online sites to gather information about different institutes and hence, universities should take advantage of this opportunity by allowing the students to take a virtual university campus tour. For a better understanding, listed below are various other reasons why universities should use virtual tours.

  1. Attract international students – A well-designed virtual tour often includes voiceovers in different languages along with multiple interactive features that can make it absolutely convenient for the students to understand the diverse facilities offered by the campus. This also provides maximum ease to them as they can instantly open the tour on their phone, even while sitting in a completely different corner of the world.
  1. Help to highlight the unique features of the university – With the help of the tour, universities can highlight the architectural features and other facilities that set their campus completely apart from others in the list. Other universities may have similar facilities, but the virtual tour brings a major difference and adds value to your website.
  1. The tours are highly engaging – Students who take a virtual tour find it more engaging than the still pictures. In other words, with the directional control and zoom-in feature of the tour, the students get to easily picture themselves on the campus. The tours can also provide proper assurance to the parents regarding the well-being of their children as they themselves can see the well-structured dorms, dining hall and other features of the university.
  1. Offers a professional touch to the website – By incorporating a tour on the website, the universities can elevate their reputation in the highly competitive educational sector. As along with welcoming the students, the tours indicate that you are ready to embrace the latest technologies to offer utmost satisfaction to the students in every way possible.


To wrap up, a virtual university campus tour has become a widely used tool for showcasing every single corner of the university in proper clarity with the help of realistic photography/ videography techniques. By taking a quick virtual walk around the campus, students can easily decide, which university can support their dreams.

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