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Rottweilers Puppies for Sale

Central Park Puppies
Rottweilers Puppies for Sale

Due to their extreme loyalty and intelligence, Rottweilers were among the first police dogs to serve in the military. These pups are fierce guardians of their family and home, making them top contenders for guard dog duties. Loving, faithful, and easily trainable, Rottweilers are built for ultimate companionship.

Known for their fierce protection instincts and ability to defend against danger, full grown dogs are strong and intense. These pups are best suited for families who have experience handling large, powerful dogs and remaining consistent in obedience.

Rottweiler’s have hearts of gold behind their tough exteriors and readily give their families love and affection. A well-adjusted puppy will generally be aloof to strangers but never timid or fearful. These pups typically are not jumpy and tend to live by a “wait and see” motto when confronted with new people and situations.

This breed’s instinct is to protect their families can be ferocious, making early training, and socialization critical when bringing home your new puppy. If owners fail to train and spend the time necessary to train their pup, a Rottweiler may become dangerous bullies instead of loyal guardians.

Puppies of this breed need leadership to understand where they belong in their pack. If a pup believes he or she is the alpha, it may become less easy to train. They are intelligent and capable, and when provided with loving leadership and respect, they are an excellent family companion.

Rottweilers are perfect companions for people who live along and desire security, but they also love and protect their families. These pups can live in urban settings provided they receive daily exercise and mental stimulation through training and socialization. Puppies should be considered in-door dogs, never left to live outdoors, even in a fenced yard.

For their size, they are overall a healthy breed. Physical problems, such as hip and elbow dysplasia, can be reasonably common. Keeping your Rottweiler pup on a healthy diet with routine exercise can help keep physical problems at bay.


  • Temperament affected by heredity, socialization, & training
  • Ancestors marched to Germany with the Romans
  • Require at least 2, 10-20 minutes walk or play daily

CHARACTERISTICS CHART (1 lowest- 5 highest)

Apartment Living                             4

Tolerates Being Alone                   2

Child Friendly                                  4

Dog Friendly                                    3

Grooming Needs                             1

Shedding                                         3

Size                                                 5

General Health                                4

Trainability                                       5

Prey Drive                                       2

Barking                                            2

Exercise Needs                               4

Energy Level                                   3

Playfulness                                      4


Bringing home a happy and healthy Rottweiler puppy is of utmost importance to ensure a positive experience. Central Park Puppies takes pride in providing clients with the highest quality of standards with our in-depth breeder background checks and expert veterinarian evaluations of all of our puppies. We are dedicated to working with clients in finding their perfect puppy match through our transparent services and specialist knowledge of breeds.

Central Park Puppies
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