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Is It Good to Buy Electric Instant Water Geyser for Your Home?

Hoko Soko
Is It Good to Buy Electric Instant Water Geyser for Your Home?


Can we use instant water geyser in the bathroom? It’s a quite common question that people ask nowadays. The answer is if you want to save your electricity bill, an instant geyser is the best of all water heaters. However, it is recommended to use the instant geyser for small uses like washing utensils and hand wash. The Instant water heaters come with a small storage capacity i.e. 1 litre to 3 litres and a high heating rate (3KW or 4.5KW). Because of this, they provide you hot water almost instantly.

How Much Time Instant Geyser Takes to Heat Water?

The Electric Instant Geyser takes around 1 minute to heat water of almost 39°C to 40°C which you can easily use without mixing cold water in it and 2 minutes to heat water of almost 60°C. An analysis was done to find out the minimum winter temperatures in the country so it was found that the water during the winter can be between 4°C and 21°C (below 4°C it will become ice) depending upon the city. After taking these calculations under consideration heating time of the instant water heater was calculated. So, the time calculated was 1 minute for useful temperature and 2 minutes for high temperature. The best scenario was that the geyser with 4.5KW heating element and 1 litre capacity in a city of 21°C temperature gave useful water temperature in just 20 seconds.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Electric Instant Geyser

Now, let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Electric Instant Geyser.


• Instant water geyser is cheaper than the normal storage geyser as it gives you hot water without delay.

• It reduces the consumption of electricity and is great for small families.

• Instant water geyser can be easily installed in small bathrooms and tight places.

• You don’t have to wait for the water to get hot, simply switch ON the geyser and you get hot water without delay.

• As the geyser occupies very less space so it will not spoil the aesthetics of your bathroom.


• You can’t directly take bath under the shower

• It can only produce hot water for a limited period and for a particular flow.

• It gives you maximum 6 litres of hot water in one go. After that you have to wait for more water.

Safety Feature in Electric Instant Geyser

It comes with a geyser thermostat that cuts off the power supply to the geyser heating element as soon as the required temperature is attained. Apart from this it also features a high pressure valve that allows the hot water to come out of the geyser. The valve even prevents the pressure from increasing due to the steam in the geyser and therefore keeps away from an explosion.

How to Use Electric Instant Geyser?

• Firstly, make sure that the water is flowing into the geyser and do not open the outlet.

• If you have 3KW instant geyser, allow it to heat for about 60 seconds.

• Check if the geyser is showing neon sign as it indicates that the water is hot enough for using.

• If your geyser doesn’t have the neon sign you can simply open the outlet and adjust the temperature of water accordingly.

Hope the above information will be helpful for you in purchasing an Electric Instant Geyser for your home. You can easily find electric instant geysers in different Indian online shopping websites at affordable prices.

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