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Texas Child Support and Custody Lawyers

smith patrick

The most common issue after the divorce is the visitation, support, and custody of the child. Deciding for the custody of the child can be a very hard decision for the separating or already separated parents. Getting the visiting time for non-custodial parents and even taking the decision for child support is not easy at all. Mostly the legal decisions regarding the child of divorced parents are taken in the court, so to have more weightage and prove one’s point it becomes essential to have an experienced and talented lawyer.


Need for Child Custody Lawyer in Texas: 


Getting custody of a child can be a heart wrenching situation for a parent especially when the other partner is not ready for a mutual decision. Hiring a Child Custody Lawyer can be always a good choice so that the decision could be in favor.


There are 4 types of child custody in Texas:


  1. Sole custody: In sole custody, the custodial parent has the right to make long term plans, decisions related to education, medical care(non-emergency), discipline, and any of the decisions concerning the child. Sole custody is concerned with both the legal and physical custody given to one parent.


  1. Joint Custody: Joint custody has three categories- joint legal, shared physical, and combination and these categories involve both the parents.


  1. Temporary Custody: This type involves the custody of the child for the present time. To get sole custody of the child, it is first essential to file for temporary custody.


  1. Split Custody: This custody refers to the case in which the parents have two children and after divorce, each parent has full physical custody over one child.


  • Understanding different categories of child custody: A child custody lawyer helps the client to understand different categories of child custody that regulates in Texas and accordingly handles the type of client’s case.



  • Arranging for the mediation process: The Texas family law permits mediation in child custody cases so that the matter may be resolved without resorting to the court. The child custody attorney makes arrangements for a mediation conference for making it fair for both the parties involved in the divorce.



Need for a Child visitation lawyer in Texas: 


In Texas “Possession order” is the other name given to the visitation order. A possession order in Texas means that each parent will get time with the child. The types of the possession order in texas are:

  • Standard Possession Order
  • Modified Possession order
  • Possession Order for a Child Under 3 year of age
  • Supervised Possession Order


A Child Visitation Lawyer in Texas helps the client to understand different possession orders, how to apply for them, and does the legal process to get the possession order.


Need for a Child Support lawyer in Texas:


Child support is the payment made by the custodial or the non-custodial parent for the betterment of the child. The amount of support by the non-custodial parent is decided by considering the income of the custodial parent.


A Child support lawyer helps the parent to negotiate or to get a sufficient amount of support that may be needed for the child. The lawyer collects the necessary documents and prepares the case ensuring that child support is appropriate and based on disclosures.


So, in brief, it can be said that to reduce the suffering and prevent the loss of the child after the divorce of the parents, Texas has made certain laws to give the best possible to the child. Opting for visitation, child support, and custody lawyers in Texas will always be beneficial as the lawyers are well aware of the legal processes, they don’t get emotional so they have objectivity for the case. The lawyer will not only present the case following the best outcome but an efficient and skilled lawyer will arrange for the mediation process, does all the paperwork, and collect all the documentation that may be produced when needed.

smith patrick
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