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Here is how to determine if you have purchased a lemon car

Allen Stewart
Here is how to determine if you have purchased a lemon car

As per statistics, 1% of new cars turn out to be a lemon car. These are those vehicles that are unfixable and come up with repeated problems. Here is how you can determine if your vehicle is a lemon car.

What will qualify as a lemon?

Your four-wheeler may be a lemon as per Washington state lemon laws. It is if there was a substantial defect in the automobile that got covered through warranty. This defect occurred in a certain period or some number of miles after you purchased the four-wheeler.

The issue with the car could not get fixed even after several repairs. In such a case you are free to file a lemon law claim.

What is a substantial defect?

To understand if you have a lemon car, you need to understand what falls under the substantial defect category. A major defect is something that gets covered under warranty that impairs the use of your car, its safety, and its value. It could be faulty steering or a break. These, however, do not cover any minor issues like the radio knobs getting loose or if the door handles do not align well. The definition of a small or a substantial defect may not be clear. There are some conditions like an erroneous paint job or unpleasant smells that fall under substantial defects.

Spot these defects within a certain period or a few miles. The problem should not be because of abuse.

Reasonable attempts of repair

Your vehicle is also a lemon four-wheeler if, after a reasonable number of repair attempts, it is still not working properly. Allow the dealer to work on the car some times to fix it before you claim the vehicle to be a lemon. Usually, the automobile should meet one of these standards to be protected as per the state lemon law.

Your four-wheeler is a lemon car if:

The defect is serious. It causes a safety issue. It could involve the steering or the break. After one attempt to repair if the problem still stays fixed, then it lets you claim as per the lemon law.

The defect does not fall under a safety hazard issue. It does not get fixed even after the repair goes through three or four attempts. The number may vary from one state to another.

If the car stays in the repair shop for more than 30 days to fix one or more of the substantial warranty problems, this fits into the definition of a lemon car.

If you end up with lemon car, the state lemon law in Washington lets you file a claim for the same. To take complete advantage of the lemon law hire an experienced attorney.

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Allen Stewart
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