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Heating elements in the Oven Toaster Griller (OTG)

Jennifer Dalivyus
Heating elements in the Oven Toaster Griller (OTG)

OTGs are become an integral part of each and every Kitchen in India. The full form of OTG is the Oven Toaser Griller. The name comes from the three functions it perform. It can do baking, toasting, and grilling.

Before, I go into the detail, If you're unware about the OTG, then see the picture below to get an idea on how it looks like.

The OTG with its parts

Mostly, the heating elements are placed on the top and bottom of the chamber. So that, it can easily distribute the heat across the food.

First of all, what is the heating element?

The heating element is nothing but a metal coil which consumes the electricity and convert it into the heat. And, that produced heat is then distributed it across the food.

Here, if the OTG comes with a convection function, then the uniform heat distribution will take place. The uniform heat distribution is required for the perfect baking and grilling of the food.

If you want to cook the perfect food, says, the perfect baked Pizza, then the OTG must have a convection function.

A convection function is responsible for the uniform distribution of heat. You can compare it with the microwave oven. In the microwave oven, the microwaves are used for cooking and heating. As the waves are emitted from the uniform place, the emission will be very uniform.

You might have a question on how the convection function implemented on the OTG. The answer brings the fan here. The fan is the key-element behind the convection function when it comes the Oven Toaster Griller.

Mostly, the cheap OTG doesn't come with a convection function, despite having the heating element at the top and bottom.

So, till now, we've seen the heating element's placement and the way it uses to distribute the heat. Now, let's look at the material.

The heating element in the OTG is made of metal with high electron-resistance. It's basically a rod in a shape of Coil. Mostly, tongston is used for so. The Coil-shape is responsible for the good emission of heat.

Bascially, the electricity is passed inside the coil and heat is generated.

The power-consumption of an OTG is measured in Watts. The OTG consumes the power between 800 to 2000 Watts. The power-consumption is heavily dependent on the capacity Oven Toaster Griller.

You will surprised to know that the capacity of an OTG is measured in Litres. Mostly, the OTGS ranges from 10 Litres to maximum of 60 Litres in capacity. That doesn't make sense about how many food you can cook at a time.

Well, take an example here for better understanding. The 30 Litres Capacity OTG can bake 1 large pizza and 2 small pizzas at a time on the baking tray.

Let me tell you the different types of tray comes with an OTG. It's a bakin tray, crumb tray, and grilling rack. In addition to these trays, an rotisserie set also comes with an OTG if you want the perfect cooking.

However, all OTGs don't come with a rotisserie set. And those who comes with it, typically consumes a bit more money. The best OTG (oven toaster griller) consists of baking tray, crumb tray, a grilling rack, a rotisserie set, a convectionf function, and digital controls if possible.

Jennifer Dalivyus
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