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The Hand Blender or Mixer Grinder, which one is best for you?

Jennifer Dalivyus
The Hand Blender or Mixer Grinder, which one is best for you?

What should you buy first, a hand blender or a mixer grinder? See, both are very important Kitchen appliances and are ruling the Indian Kitchen from decades. Both have nearly similar prices in the market. However, the hand blender is cheaper than the mixer grinder. Both can do some types of similar work. And, both are also known for their unique work. So, let’s discuss it. And, I will conclude this at the end of this article.

So, let’s get started.

First of all, let me begin with a bit introduction of each one of them.

The hand blender with Chopper and whisker.


The hand blender is a handy Kitchen appliance used for lightweight tasks like blending of two or more liquids, chopping of vegetables (if chopper comes with it), making smoothies, buttermilk churning, Whipping the cream (With a dedicated whisker), and Dough kneading (if dough kneading hooks comes with it). It runs on the electricity. It consists of an electric motor at the top and blades at the bottom. And, both are connected through the stainless steel stem in the hand blender. In addition to that, the controls are placed either at the top or on the grip.

The mixer grinder (mixie)

The mixer grinder is a heavy Kitchen appliance used for mixing and grinding primarily. But, the manufacturers are providing many extra accessories such as juicer, dough kneader, vegetable chopper, and many more. The mixer grinder is also known as Mixie in the Indian market. It consists of an electric motor and controls on the front-bottom of the body. And, it comes with different size jars. Like a stem in the case of an electric hand blender, the coupler is used to connect the jar with the motor.

Now, consider your purpose first. If you want to grind Urad dal for making Idli or Dosa butter, then you need a machine that consists of a powerful motor. And, only mixer grinder can do that. It can grind such nuts, turn the turmeric solid into the powder in moments, and many more. It can also make the perfect Chutney. So that, you can grab the perfect taste of the dish. In this case, you need a mixer grinder with 750W or more powerful motor. However, if your intention is only to make chutneys, then you can buy any mixer grinder under that comes under Rs 2,000.

If you’re about to make juice only or want it to make juice for you in addition to grinding, then you must consider one which comes with a dedicated juicer jar. Here, take a breath, and note that each juicer jar doesn’t make the perfect juice. It is accepted that the juicer jar comes with a pulp filter, but still the jar’s blade can be inefficient in making the juice. In this case, watch the review video of the mixer grinder. But, there are one mixer grinder you can buy blindly. It’s Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder. It’s available at around Rs 7,500 in India on Amazon. You can also look for the best mixer grinder in India here.

For buttermilk churning, you obviously needs an electric hand blender.

In India, primarily, no one knead atta using a hand blender or a mixie. But, for you kind of information, both can knead it. The hand blender must have dough hooks. And, the mixer grinder must have a MasterChef jar. When it comes to a prices, such hand blenders comes in Rs 2,000 in India. But, the mixer grinders are available at above Rs 6,500 prices in India. But, the price is acceptable since the mixer grinder of such high-price offers lot more than the cheaper one.

In my opinion, mixer grinder is best for dough kneading because of its powerful motor.

If you need to chop vegetables, then you can go for the electric hand blender. The reason is that just under Rs 3,000 in India, you can get Inalsa Inox Robot hand blender. It come with a dedicated chopper. So, you just need to detach the stem and attach the motor-part with chopper. Find the best hand blender in India here. And, if you compared the same feature with mixer grinder, you need to pay a little bit high. Since, the primary job of mixer grinder is to grind and mix. Other features like dough kneading, vegetables chopping, making of smoothies and juices, and like, are extra features. You may find all or may not.

When it comes to usability, the hand blender is a lightweight kitchen appliance. You will hardly find ones which are gone beyond 1.5Kg in weight. And, they have a grip, which allows you to hold it very easily. But, the mixer grinders are heavy kitchen appliance. They weighs even 10 Kg depending on the motor and the body material. So, you can’t use it portable.

Jennifer Dalivyus
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