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10 Reasons You Should Add A Pinball Machine To Your Bar Today

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10 Reasons You Should Add A Pinball Machine To Your Bar Today

Arcade machines have been a popular source of entertainment for many years. Maybe not as they used to be but they are going through a revival and popularity is building again.  Having an arcade machine in your bar makes customers feel nostalgic attracting more people to your establishment giving them another reason to visit.  Arcade games started to become mainstream back in the 1970s and are still in demand to this day.  Bars are for socialising with others, having a few drinks and hopping on for a quick game on a pinball machine or arcade machine. Well that’s how it used to be.  Not all spaces or locations are able to have an arcade machine or pinball game. It really depends on what type of business you have.  However, restaurants and bars are a perfect style of business for reviving the fun of arcade games and keeping customers happy.

One of the most loved arcade systems of all is pinball. The theory behind Pinball of shooting the ball, keeping it in play and scoring points is a simple and easy rule yet makes it enjoyable with hours of fun.  Bringing in a pinball machine is all you need to do to enhance the presence of your bar or restaurant. In this article, we cover ten reasons why you should look for the best pinball machines for sale to your bar today and the benefits, fun and ambience it creates. 

  1. Enhances the Appeal of your Bar

To drive more appeal to get new customers and constant return of existing customers to your bar pinball and arcade machines can play a major role.  Gone are the days when you can win customers on just décor.  You need to also offer great food, a variety of drinks and entertainment at your restaurant or bar.  Today, arcade machines and pinball machines, are gaining popularity and are almost expected in a pub or bar. 

Even though the bars and restaurants can run well without these machines, customers will always have another reason to return to the pub or bar that have a pinball machine installed. It continues to add more appeal, look and presence to your bar

  1. Brings in More Customers

Most of the people who love these physical pinball games are either in their 20-30s and missed the golden era of arcade machines and pinball machines or 40-50s and it brings back memories. Whatever age arcade games can draw in customers of all ages and increase your customer count per day or night significantly.  So is it worth the long term investment if it brings in 5, 10, 30 more customers a night…it definitely is.  The higher the number of customers, the more spending and the better financial outcome for the bar or restaurant. A pinball machine can be used to play solo or in a group. Therefore, your bar will attract not just solo pinball lovers but also a group of friends to spend time in your bar.  

  1. Attracts the Solo Pinball Lovers

As stated above, solo players can be one of your focused target audiences. Someone who is at your bar on their own might want to meet people or there just to unwind from the week.  They can also pass the time doing something they enjoy or helps them relax.  They chose to go out on their own so will not have companions to talk to within your bar. They could be there to meet new people.  Therefore, they will need something to keep themselves engaged or help them connect with other people. And an arcade machine or pinball machine can be the perfect choice for individual customers, which will do all of the above and bring them to your bar. 

  1. People will Spend More Time at your Establishment

When you have something more than just food and drinks to offer, customers will eventually spend more time at your bar. Apart from drinks, food, maybe a DJ or parties, people love to entertain themselves in some retro games that they used to playback in their childhood years. One such classic retro gaming experience is ‘pinball’. They would love to spend their weekend or evenings at your bar to have that same experience and memorable time. When customers spend more time at your bar, that translates to more drinks or food or encouraging others to join them so it does help with your bottom line profitability Therefore, an arcade machine or pinball machine is a worthy investment. 

  1. Host Special Pinball Competitions or Events

Bars can also organize special pinball or arcade competitions or gaming events. For the winners that move through the game rounds, you can offer discounts or freebies to the customers, which will boost their interest in your bar services. Be the host and entertain the audience with your pinball or arcade game events. 

  1. Target more than One Audience Group

The pinball machine is not just for the age group of 30-40 but is also for teenagers and youngsters between the age of 18-25. People of all ages are fond of pinball, and when it is a physical machine, the interest grows with the lights, features and themed machines drawing more appeal. Adding a pinball machine helps you target more than one group of audiences.

  1. Affordable Options are Available

There are different types of arcade machine and pinball machines available for you at respective online and offline stores. You just need to pick the one that fits your budget and the one that has themed artwork or even company branded logos that matches your bar ambience. 

  1. Attractive Light & Sound

All the pinball machines have the “WOW” factor with dazzling lights and mesmerizing game sound that will boost the gaming spirit of your bar customers. It will give your bar outlet an extraordinary feel!

  1. Increased Bar Sales

Your sales will be higher when you record more customers visiting your bar. The arcade and pinball machine is what will help attract more customers to your premises. A higher count of customers will order more food and beverages during their gameplay hours that will increase your sales.

  1. Available in Different Sizes

The arcade machines are available in different sizes, two-player, and four players.  Depending upon the size of your bar premises, buy the appropriately sized pinball machine. 


These are a few of the reasons that prove the necessity to look for the best arcade machine and pinball machine for sale to your bar. Get yours today!

Games Arcadia
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