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6 Ways To Get Rid Of Junk Without Throwing It In The Bin

Steven Page
6 Ways To Get Rid Of Junk Without Throwing It In The Bin

Who doesn’t want to have an organized life? Well, everybody does. However, it requires lots of effort on your part. It just takes a year and your space is filled with items that are no more in use. Having these unused items around is quite stressful at times. 

When you are planning to get rid of the junk that is accumulated in your home for many years now, ending it up in the bin seems like the easiest solution. However, it is not an eco-friendly approach at all.

There are things you should never throw in the garbage as these are harmful to the environment. Then, there must be some items that you can send for the recycling process.

To collect these items from your home, you can think of hiring a residential junk removal service and get away with all the junk responsibly. Here are some more tips from industry experts.

Follow these tips and do away with all your unwanted stuff painlessly. 

Sell Items You Do Not Need 

For selling items that are no longer in use but still in good condition, you should either plan a yard sale or in this time of COVID-19, you can think of arranging an online sale. There are lots of good websites where you can sell items at a price that can sometimes even offer profits.

If you capture good quality photos of the items you want to sell and write an attractive description, you will surely be lucky enough to earn some extra money from that old desk or filing cabinet items on online marketplaces. 

You can also try posting your junk content on social media, where you are more likely to meet the person you are selling your old stuff like an old set of chairs than inviting any stranger into your own home.

Many people are looking for stuff on social media that is junk for you but maybe valuable to them.

Place Junk In Your Yard With A free Take Away Sign

It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get rid of everything you don't want or items salvaged during home demolition. Place your items outside the home in your yard with a free sign on items that have no value, at least not for you.

While not everything is collected right away, this is a good starting point for your cleaning efforts. Besides, we hope that your belongings go to someone who needs them more than you or, at least, to a happy home where they will find another life.

Get Creative And Use Your Waste

Start by curving your creative muscles to find out how you can turn the junk you have into something more usable or worth productive. Don't worry, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to have the skills of a craftsman, carpenter, or handyman. It is all about fun and in fact, learning new skills does not feel bad either. 

For example, you can cut old bath towels into small mats or mopping clothes that you can use for cleaning, rather than disposable towels. Or try wrapping an old sheet or blanket around a pillow or settee and use it as a bed for your dog or cat.

You can use old tires into good-looking planting pots. You can use paint baskets in a bin or something else. There is no limit to creativity, just find an artist in you.

Donate Unwanted Things

If you have shoes, clothes, and other things in your trunk for months or years and you want to take those items to donation boxes, you surely can. You see these boxes everywhere around you.

There are many ways to donate junk items that you have. National charities like Habitat for Humanity and The Salvation Army gladly dispose of your old furniture, appliances, electronics, and even exercise equipment for a good cause.

Donating clothing to charities that provide specific items will help those in need more effectively. For large items that won't fit in a mailbox, you'll need to take them to the local charity's donation center.

You can find out where to go by calling them or visiting the charity's website. After all, it feels great to help someone needy.

Exchange Your Junk 

Spending an entire Saturday sitting on the front steps trying to get rid of your belongings is no fun at all. So avoid the usual tag sale and organize a swap/exchange with your friends or family. It's easier and you can hang out with your favorite people at the same time. 

You can set rules, like asking everyone to bring a certain number of items. But if your number one priority is simply getting rid of your old products, keep it simple, invite your friends to bring the items they no longer want.

Put all the items in the middle and let people look around and take what they need. You can only bring the number of items that you have brought to the exchange or swap. This way no one comes home empty-handed and no one will leave empty. That’s a fair deal for all.

Recycle Your Waste

Usually, folks do not know, but many unwanted items can be recycled, especially items that are metal, wood, fiber, foam, and glass, other things like old mattresses, furniture, appliances, and electronics.

Recycling your trash may take more work than simply throwing your broken recliner or outdated computer screen in the trash and putting it away, but it is more necessary to go eco-friendly and live responsibly. 

Several residential and commercial junk removal services collect junk for recycling. You can go online and find information on how to safely dispose of almost any unwanted item you can think of.

Online directories can also help you easily find recycling facilities near you. Since most regular recycling collection services do not collect bulky waste such as bigger appliances and mattresses, you will need to transport these items to the recycling center yourself.

Of course,  it is going to cost you some freight charges but still, it is worth it when we keep our planet in mind.

Steven Page
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