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When is it necessary to cut a tree?

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When is it necessary to cut a tree?

You know that cutting a tree does not seem like a good deed. However, in some cases, this is the best option for maintaining the ecosystem. If you have your own garden, and you want to take care this, hire the best tree trimming Charleston sc near you according to the need.

With that in mind, we have prepared this material to help you better understand this subject. Good reading!

Tree trimming: a preventive intervention

If you do not know why it is made, know that it is exactly because of the strengthening of the plant. With trimming, it can grow stronger and healthier.

In addition, trees can be trimmed to prevent them from becoming a “cause” of problems. This is especially why we speak of “preventive” action up there. In addition to preventive actions, there are other cases when cutting trees is necessary and that is what we will talk about next.

When is it necessary to cut a tree?

Here, we will gather the cases in which the cut does not involve prevention or risk situations for the environment and society.

Does that tree know that the leaves and branches dirty its sidewalk or cause clogging when they join with rainwater? Or that tree that you are sure is a ladder for thieves to break into your home? The legislation does not include such factors in the list of when cutting a tree is necessary. But, calm down! Even with the expected approval, some rules must be followed.

To prevent this from happening, you need to open a request and wait for a specialist engineer to visit. It is he who will carry out an inspection and indicate the most appropriate procedure.

In practice, the professional issues a report and, subsequently, you receive a document from the PBH, stating whether the procedure was (or not) authorized.

So, if you live in South Carolina and want to trim the branches of the trees near your location, consider all these points before hiring a tree trimming Charleston sc service.

How to request the pruning or cutting of a tree

To make this request, you must access the Information and Services Portal.Once this is done, you will be able to view some available options, such as pruning in a particular area or pruning on sidewalks.

Choose the one that best suits you

If the intervention is in a public area, it is possible to request the service through the service channel on the City Hall website.

Conclusion: Keep an eye and do your part

You do not need to contact the city hall only when you need to cut a tree. If there is evidence that the health of the plant is not going well or that preventive pruning is lacking, you can also ask for help.

In addition, if a tree is cut down for any reason, you can keep an eye out and find out about planting a new seedling.The landowner or the municipality itself can take care of this task by hiring tree service near me.

After all, replanting is of paramount importance!

Connor Tree Service LLC
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