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Best Laptops Under 800 - Most Affordable Laptops

Best Laptops Under 800 - Most Affordable Laptops

Which one are the best laptops under 800? You probably get an unsatisfactory answer to this question whenever you raise it. To be honest, $800 is neither too high nor too little to buy the Best Laptop for you. But how can we pick the right model?

Well, not everyone is a technology expert. However, with this budget, you still can have a plethora of options to choose from. To buy the best one, you need to focus on the essential features that you expect in your laptop.

For instance, if you need a laptop for video editing, you must prefer to have one that has an amendable GPU and RAM. But if you want a laptop for regular office use, then you must buy one that has great RAM and CPU. It doesn't matter what purpose you want a new laptop; you can find the right one in such an affordable range.

In this article, we've shortlisted some of the best laptops in the budget. So, you can't afford to avoid these nitty-gritty laptops. Let's figure it out!

Best Laptops under $800

It makes no sense to invest in such feature-loaded laptops when we don't even use them all. Now, you have the best laptop under $800, so you can buy a perfect laptop with the essential features that you need the most. Our review team has selected the top ten laptops that fit your needs.

Things to Consider Before You Buy the Best Laptop under $800

No matter how many expensive laptops you will find with lots of features, it makes no sense to buy those if you don't use all the features. Surprisingly, you can make such an investment in those budget-friendly laptops that suit your needs perfectly.

For instance, if you want a laptop for office work, get the laptop with a fast processor and excellent storage capacity. Moreover, it doesn't matter what laptop you prefer to buy, but make sure to look after these basic features before purchasing them.

So, make sure to pay attention to these things to make your decision better and buy the best one for yourself. So, let’s read them.

Processor Or CPU

A laptop with a great Intel core i5 processor and an excellent GPU is excellent for graphic-intensive tasks. Make sure to look at this CPU or processor before you buy them. But if you want to buy a laptop for gaming purposes, then you must have an Intel Core i7 and an integrated GPU.

CPU is one of the essential things to look after as it offers high-speed interaction and smooth operation. If you want an affordable range of the laptop, then you must go for the Intel Core i3 or the CPU that has an AMD equivalent processor.

Ideally, if you wish to buy the best laptop under $800, then make sure to have the Intel core process of 7th, 8th and 10th generation.


The second most important thing to consider before buying the best laptop under budget is the storage capacity and SSD drive. Ideally, the laptops come with varied storage spaces like 156 GB, 256 GB, etc. So, it's better to have laptops with at least 256 GB storage with an SSD drive or HDD.

In a budget-friendly range, you can also find some laptops that have a 1 TB HDD drive too. More excellent storage space and SSD drive more powerful will be the process, and faster you can operate your laptop. Along with this, it also offers excellent storage space to store massive data.

If you're a video editor, you must go for those laptops with extra space with SSD and HDD drive.


The third thing to look after before you buy the laptop for you is RAM. Perhaps this is the essential thing to look into a laptop. Usually, the laptops have 4 to 8GB RAM in the system. So, make sure to buy those laptops with high RAM because it supports your whole application and provides enough space to hold your application and use them without any errors.

However, 8 GB RAM could be sufficient for those who constantly download different applications and videos. But if you are purchasing a laptop for daily purposes, then make sure to have 4GB RAM. Although you need more RAM, you can go ahead with the extra RAM for more applications downloading.

Display Size and Quality

The display is the essential thing to consider when you're buying the laptop under budget. If you are looking for a laptop under $800, you can find many laptops with FHD displays and available in different sizes.

Ideally, a 13 to 15 inches screen would be great to have in such an affordable range. But there are some laptops also available that have a 17 inches screen and have excellent display quality. For gamers, you need to have a brighter and full HD display screen. So, you can go ahead by looking into this feature.

Moreover, some laptops have a brighter screen and high-resolution pictures too. You can prefer to buy those laptops that have all these features in them. It would be great to have in such an affordable range.

Battery Life

Powerful battery life is all we need to look after the best laptop under $800. This is an important feature to look after because a powerful battery backup can offer you endless working hours, without worrying about charging.

There are many laptops available on Amazon and highlighted in our review list with a strong battery backup. If you wish to buy a standard battery backup laptop, then make sure to go with those with at least 10 to 12 hours of life.

Even 8-hour battery life would be great for gaming laptops. However, if you are a traveler and looking for the best laptop, go ahead with those with at least a 10-hour battery backup and even more.


  • Can we get a gaming laptop with an Intel Core i7 process under this budget?
  • Yes, you can have a gaming laptop with an inter-core processor i7 for under $800. Along with this, you will also get an SSD drive and 256 GB storage for fast processing and gaming.
  • Suggest some of the best laptops under $800 for daily work?
  • Here, in our review list, we have reviewed some of the best laptops under $800. You can prefer to have one for you from these products. However, if you wish to have the best laptop for daily purposes, go ahead with Lenovo Yoga Ultrabook, Dell Inspiron, or Asus Vivobook S15. These models are great for all purposes.
  • Do I get a Full HD display screen in these budget-friendly laptops?
  • Yes, of course, you'll get an FHD display screen in this affordable range of laptops. Most of the laptops under such budget plans will have high-resolution power for seamless clarity and perfect brightness.

Word Wrap

So, here we’re going to wrap out our article post with these top ten best laptops under $800. Now, you can decide quickly through this post which laptop must be right for you. Laptops are great to have for work and entertainment purposes.

When we think of buying a budget-friendly laptop, then we need to compromise with some essentials. But not now, because you've our best recommendations for the budget laptop with all the essential features.

So, you can now decide better, which one is best for you. Still, if you feel trapped between the best products, then follow the buying guide that will help to decide better.

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