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Is That Laptop Deal Really Worth It? 8 Things to Keep in Mind

Hugh Grant
Is That Laptop Deal Really Worth It? 8 Things to Keep in Mind

Whether you're looking for your very first laptop or you're replacing a laptop you've used for many years, it's worth taking some extra time and expending some extra effort to find the best possible deal. When you do find a laptop at a price that seems exceptional, you'll likely be motivated to finalize the purchase and get that laptop shipped to you as quickly as possible.

But are you confident that this particular laptop deal is really worth it?

The Best Laptop Deals in Canada

Searching for the best laptop deals in Canada means you’ll find some amazing machines for prices that seem too good to be true. That's partially because modern technology has advanced so far that it's possible to get futuristic machines for just a few hundred dollars. But sometimes, it's also because the prices are too good to be true.

There are complicating factors that make exceptionally low laptop prices worth extra scrutiny. You might be saving several hundred dollars on your purchase, but what are you sacrificing to do it?

Is That Laptop Deal Really Worth It?

Carefully consider these aspects of the transaction before you move forward with your purchase:

1. Your current laptop. First, think about your current laptop, if you currently have one. Has it completely died? If so, then yes, you definitely need a new laptop. But there are some issues that might be easily and inexpensively resolvable; for example, if you've run out of hard drive space, you could upgrade the internal hard drive or secure external storage to expand your storage capacity. If the battery no longer holds a charge, you might be able to replace it. Of course, if your computer is slowing down, if it's already several years old, or if it has too many issues to replace individually, a new laptop is definitely the right move.

2. Your current needs. What exactly do you need? Are you sure that you even know what your needs are? Many people enter the laptop market without any specific consideration for what they want to do with the laptop or what types of laptops will serve them best. They may have a vague idea, but they don't know the demands of the applications they use, nor are they familiar with the best options available to them.

3. The laptop specs. Laptop specs can be a bit confusing, especially if you don’t consider yourself much of a computer person. Depending on what types of specs are available, $500 for a laptop could be an insanely good deal or an outrageously high price. Before deciding whether or not a laptop deal is worth it, you should have a thorough understanding of the specs included and how those compared to other laptop models. Pay especially close attention to things like the central processor, graphics cards, RAM, and other core components that give the laptop its power and core capabilities.

4. The laptop brand. Some laptop brands are simply better than others. If you've heard of a laptop brand, and it has a good reputation among laptop users, that's probably a good bet that you can count on it. Still, it's worth doing some extra research to ensure that this brand makes good products and is willing to stand by them if and when something goes wrong. In line with this, see if there are any warranties or guarantees associated with the laptop you intend to purchase.

5. The website/location of the sale. Where are you buying this laptop? Make sure you're buying from a reputable, respectable source. It's also a good idea to check the return policy, just in case something goes wrong or if you decide you no longer need this particular model.

6. Reviews and testimonials. While you do need to consider online reviews with a grain of salt, most online review sections are highly informative when considered appropriately. Before closing your purchase, check out reviews and testimonials for this specific laptop model – and look for them on multiple websites. Are there common complaints that people have? How are people generally using this laptop?

7. Previous prices. Next, try to find previous prices for this type of laptop. How does the price for this laptop fluctuate from a historical perspective? Is the current price truly a great deal, or are you likely to see an even lower price if you're willing to wait? Depending on the urgency level of your current needs, it may or may not be in your best interest to wait for the price to come back down.

8. Upcoming events and deals. You should also consider whether there are any upcoming events or deals that you could take advantage of. For example, if you're thinking of buying a laptop in the summer, it might behoove you to wait for back to school season, when many laptop models are deeply discounted.

Not every laptop deal in Canada is worth jumping on, though it is always worth shopping around for the best deal you can find. As long as you're willing to practice your due diligence and stay true to your goals, needs, and limitations, you should end up with a viable, reasonably priced laptop that helps you do everything you need to do.

Hugh Grant
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