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How A Business Mentor Helps You Attain Success

Evan Goodman Business Coach
How A Business Mentor Helps You Attain Success

Encountering the multitudes of problems in the initial stages of your business is very common. Oftentimes, figuring out these problems leads us to the web to find a solution. The internet, friends, and family can provide you with a steady stream of suggestions, advice, knowledge, etc. But these pieces of advice and information are limited to an extent. The publications, articles, or the information laid out on the internet are generic, and sometimes it might not even be relevant.

Most of the time when we're stuck in a situation, unable to find the way out, or running out of time and money, we're most likely to give up. Many small business owners end up quitting their endeavors due to a lack of confidence, motivation, and as mentioned earlier, being stuck in a certain situation. And, that's when you need a business coach by your side.


A business mentor is someone who acts as a helping hand in your journey of being successful. He provides support, motivation, and guidance that are precise and tailored to meet your exact needs. In fact, it’s something more than that; it could be a formal or informal relationship. A good mentor lets you have the access to his network of many successful people who’ve been in your shoes. Apart from the guidance, making changes in your fluctuating mindset is something they focus the most on.

Their mentoring programs are designed to make your business work out. They are productive and well-structured. It's more like a methodological and systematic sequence, which is meant to cater to your personal needs. With this being said, let's take a look at some of the advantages you acquire from being under the guidance of a business mentor.

Flexible Experience – The plethora of experience of a mentor enables him to come up with real-world advice or solution to your exact problem that can't be found in text-books on the internet.

Assured Success – As per the Stanford University executive coach survey, a poll has found out, 80% of CEO’s received various forms of mentorship. Another survey suggests, over 92% of small business owners have acknowledged how crucial mentorship is in order to become successful.

Support – It has been observed, a life of an entrepreneur endeavoring for success is lonely. Going through the business setbacks and various tribulations all alone can be a heavy load to bear. A business coach Sydney or anywhere you reside makes this journey of yours fruitful, fun, and goal-driven. 

Opening Doors of Opportunities – Aside from the knowledge, business mentors boast a huge network of relevant people you can lean on. As an aspiring entrepreneur coming across the senior executive and successful people of your own niche can be tough. Letting you be associated with such people is as vital as their business nous.


When finding a business coach, It’s important to make certain he/she has run a successful business in the past. Identify if your prospect is a good listener or not, so there will be no communication issues. Thoroughly check out his/her website and read the previous client's reviews. If a mentor checklists all these things, it'll be easier to count on him.

With that being if you’re looking for a small business coaching Sydneylook no further than Evan Goodman.


Over the last 3 decades, he found 4 start-ups, made them successful then gone to sell them, which indicates he’s well-versed with the business’s outright insights. Being in the business for so long, he dealt with various challenges that invade and prevent a start-up from being successful.

Having been in your shoes, he understands how it feels like running a business all alone with a shoestring budget, lack of knowledge, and self-belief. Therefore, he will be there to eliminate several stumbling blocks and challenges that encourage many small business owners to quit. The perks of being associated with Evan Goodman are countless, which can't be covered here. So, feel free to reach out to him and get answers to all your doubts and queries.

Evan Goodman Business Coach
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