Is Hotmail Not Working? Try Out The 100% Working Solutions

Amna Khan

Hotmail email service was the first and free email service provider. Emails are the most suitable and professional way to communicate. Hotmail was the first free email service launched by Microsoft, as stated above. Email services are fast enough to deliver a message in a second, but, sometimes, due to some technical issues people complain about Hotmail not working. In this article, we shall discuss how to solve hotmail not working issue and the solutions to why be Hotmail down.

Possible reasons for Hotmail not working:

There could be various reasons why your Hotmail account stops working and receiving emails. To solve the issue, first, you must find what is actually wrong. In this section, we shall discuss the possible reason why Hotmail is not receiving emails.

  • The network may not be working.
  • Server not responding.
  • Browser compatibility issues.
  • Account may be hacked.
  • Incorrect login details.
  • Configuration issues.   

Check Out The Server:

Servers behave strangely sometimes, and that behavior is not in control of the end-users. Servers are like the middle man managing every operation. If you encounter an issue of Hotmail not working then it is suggested to see the server status before going for other possible solutions.

Reset Your Browser:

Browser is the only medium through which people access the internet and emails. Computer programs like a browser are always prone to corruption. Therefore, it is recommended to check the browser and find out if it is working properly. To reset the browser you can do either of the things:

  • Delete browser history to make it fresh.
  • Clear out all the cookies and cache.
  • Reset the browser.
  • Uninstall and install the browser again.

Wrong Login Credentials:

You might have entered the wrong login credentials in the Hotmail. By doing this you will not be able to login into the Hotmail account and receive the emails. Therefore, do check out if you have entered the correct username and password to log in to the Hotmail email account.

Some Other Reasons Of Hotmail Not Working:

We discussed some of the possible reasons why Hotmail not working. However, a lot of other technical issues remain to be discussed.

Applying Email Filter: The email filter is an amazing feature that Hotmail and other email service providers offer. It allows you to receive emails of a certain type and from selected email addresses. Therefore, it is suggested to remove any kind of filters you have applied.

Enable forwarding: Email forwarding is the process of re-sending the emails to different emails. it keeps the email account busy enough to properly do its primary job. It is recommended to turn off email forwarding if you have enabled it.

Blocked Email Addresses: blocking email addresses is one of the reasons why Hotmail not working. This is not actually a “Hotmail not working” issue but, blocking the emails of a particular email address. Unblock the emails if you have blocked any.

Final Words:

Hotmail not working is not a big issue, but it might annoy people who do not have much technical knowledge. However, we have discussed some of the common and major issues with appropriate solutions to follow and solve any kind of issue you are having.

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Amna Khan
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