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Crypto Collectible - Complete Guide

Crypto Collectible - Complete Guide

The term "NFT" echoing everywhere now had not much influence in the market until 2021. It was considered a weird and impossible concept. But the distributed ledger technology, also known as the blockchain, made NFT a common word. Billions in trading volume, millions in a count of users, were in just a few months. This article will help you understand NFT and how they work.


Non fungible tokens are the physical and digital assets that are converted under specific token standards to show uniqueness and indivisible characteristics . NFT is built with blockchain technology which makes it more secure and decentralized.


They are encrypted, and they are stored in different servers. They are not like the fungible tokens, and they are unique and they are inseparable.

Fungibility offers exchangeability, all units have the same value, and they are similar to each other.

For example, fiat money. But non-fungibles are different; they differ from each other.

The significant positive outcome of the Non Fungible token is that NFT can work along with most applications. NFTs can influence a medium with its smart contract by cutting any intermediaries. Since they are built with blockchain technology, their security also aids in authenticity.

Each NFT has its digital identifier, which makes it easily identifiable even in a large stack.


Collectibles are the products or objects which are collected by considering them as rare or unique. Gatheringcollectibles has been a very long habit of human beings. We may have heard about millionaires who spend millions of dollars collecting certain collectibles in the auction or from someone. 

This idea revolves around and enters into the digital medium where digital assets are tokenized into NFT. They start acquiring interest from several people and even some brands. People began making trade in NFT marketplaces, and here comes the big deal as the value increases, the standard increases.

When the digital assets are collected via NFT marketplaces, they are considered crypto collectibles. 


NFT - Workflow

Tokens need specific token standards based on their blockchain technology to serve their purpose; NFT has specific token criteria like ERC-721 and ERC-1155 as Ethereum blockchain. The standard requirements change as the blockchain changes. If Binance is the blockchain chosen, then NFT will need BEP-721 and BEP-1155 as the token standard.

NFTs uniqueness means that they can't be manipulated or duplicated without the owner's permission. Even though if someone managed to reproduce them, they won't have any value. These NFT trading can be done in the NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, and even many blockchains have their own marketplaces.

NFT - Use cases

NFTs gained popularity because of the people's hobby to hold unique items, but now it started revolutionizing as investment, ownership authenticity and still count increases. NFTs even set their path in the music industries where albums are converted as NFT and are sold for a considerable price. 

Music and the famous Basketball association NBA started releasing super exciting moments, memorable moments and much other information about the players as NFT. NBA even categorized the rarity as tier crates and made more than 200 million USD.

NFTs are even influenced by virtual and real-world real estate, where real-world real estate plots are converted into NFTs to ensure authenticity. And virtually 15 square acres of virtual land sold for quite a large amount with due diligence of NFT. 

Artists, designers and many other content creators have the liberty of posting fixed prices in the NFT or setting up an auction in the Marketplaces. This will help the creators to make some money.


NFT - How to Mint one

Creating your NFT is very simple. You need to follow the steps,

Step 1: Find an NFT marketplace.

Step 2: Sign up in the marketplace

Step 3: Add your wallet 

Step 4: Create a wallet account if you don't have one

Step 5: Upload your asset 

Step 6: choose your sale option “fixed price or auction”

Step 7: If fixed price,  mention whether negotiable or not.

Step 8: Your NFT is now in live.


That’s it, your asset is converted as NFT and they will be available for sale. If a user like your NFT he can either bid in the auction , if auction is chosen else  he can pay the price and buy your NFT.

Buying an NFT

There are several types of wallets like cold wallets, paper wallets. Browser extension wallets are better, for example, Binance chain wallet or MetaMask; you will need to either buy crypto or transfer your existing cryptocurrency into the wallet to purchase an NFT.


Advantages of NFT

NFTs have several advantages like


  • Scarcity - The NFTs significant advantage is its scarcity. This makes space for many new NFT developers to launch as many as possible to get some limelight.
  • Inseparable - NFT tokens are not divisible like Bitcoin or similar fungible coins. Only you can access the token after completing the payment process thoroughly.
  • Transferability - NFT tokens though they are inseparable, it is straightforward to transfer within the decentralized servers. This becomes easy because the storage platform remains the same, but the path to achieving and ownership will only move.
  • Trustability - The blockchain makes it more secure and trustworthy. 
  • Ownership authenticity - This shared platform makes the ownership details tamper-proof, and no one can alter them unless the owner decides to do so.


NFT Marketplace

Non-fungible tokens are brought into a medium where the users can make the trade is known to be the NFT marketplace. The growth of NFTs is not possible without the NFT marketplaces. Several NFT marketplaces offer top services, and these marketplaces involve many considerations to be done.


How to have your own NFT marketplace

We offer many NFT Development solutions to the crypto participants, and one of them is NFT marketplace development. Though we cover you with a unique build, you need to have some concern over certain factors.



  • Blockchain development


NFTs are built blockchain networks,  you need to pick your desired blockchain among the existing. Every blockchain available in the market has its own advantages and disadvantages. You have to choose the right one for you.



  • UI and Extended features


NFT services include building a top-notch UI design and features to attract the customer.

People who prefer crypto collectibles are mostly dragged into the marketplaces by the simple and easy to learn adaptability of the user interface.


Existing Top NFT Marketplaces


Rarible is an NFT marketplace that works on Ethereum blockchain under ERC-721 smart contract. This marketplace focuses on digital music, picture, and main collectibles from art. RARIBLE is one of the most preferred NFT markets in the crypto market.


NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot is entirely a sports-based NFT marketplace, where the National Basketball Association who holds all the rights of its games satellite license, decided to launch the NFT marketplace. This NFT marketplace has many memorable moments, super rare goals, and much other exciting content converted as NFTs. This NFT marketplace has made a considerable profit with its NFTs.



This is a gaming asset-based NFT marketplace, where the kitties are converted as NFTs, This set the trend in the gaming industry, and many came in after seeing the response of Cryptokitties.

Why choose IBT as an NFT development firm and as an NFT solution provider?

Being an avant-garde in NFT development services and cryptocurrency development, IBT knows the pulse of the crypto market. Our professional experts are keen to deliver a completely satisfactory product to the client. IBT is well known for its technology and customer service to provide a seamless experience to the clients. Our products are always based on customer interest, and every bit of code can be changed or modified. All you have to do is reach us out, sit, relax and enjoy trading.

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