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Give your Carpets the Best Carpet Cleaning Service Post Falls

Give your Carpets the Best Carpet Cleaning Service Post Falls

Do you know that your carpet can hold dirt up to three times its actual weight? If you look at your carpet under a microscope, you can see wide pockets between the yarns. This space is the gap between two threads, and that is where dust and microbes build their home. The worst part about it is that you cannot see them with your naked eyes, and you cannot remove them by vacuuming. Your carpet may look perfect from the outside, but it would be holding a massive number of germs and dirt inside. Read more to learn about the threats to a clean carpet and how you can tackle that.

How does a carpet get dirty?

Carpet is a piece of fabric that we lay on the floor; almost all the dirt and microbes of the room finds a cozy home in your blankets. The filth and allergens that your shoes and feet also bring safely land on your carpet and make your family sick. Here are the common forms of dirt found in carpets:

  • Allergens: Your carpets contain a wide variety of allergens and pollutants such as pollen, pet hair and mold. These sweeps into your house when windows are open or enter, along with some other things that you bring home. If it finds its way to your carpet, there is no going back; when you turn on the fan or dust your carpets, some of them comes out. The sneezing and swelling that you have during cleaning sessions are due to these guys. They can make you and your family members seriously ill, so don’t take it as a silly issue.
  • Visible dirt: when you step on your carpets with a dirty shoe, the mark of dirt will be visible to your eyes. You can see such filth on carpets and are known as visible dirt, and there is no carpet without visible dirt. It occurs mainly due to your carelessness and ignorance, and because of that, you can avoid it if you take some precautions. Don’t allow kids and pets to play on valuable carpets, and never walk on your mat with dirty feet. With minor changes, you can easily avoid visible dirt.


  • Germs and microbes: Your carpets also have innumerable invisible microbes capable of causing diseases and spreading them. It varies from simple allergens to viruses that cause intestinal disfunction. The only solution to resolve this issue is regular washing, both by you and by a professional cleaner. 


How to keep your carpets clean?


Now that you know the risks posed by your beautiful carpet, it is necessary to keep it clean. Even when the cleaning procedure sounds hard, its benefit on you and your family is excellent. It is the ideal carpet cleaning routine; try to adopt it and see the result by yourself:

  • Daily vacuuming: vacuuming pumps out the dust and dirt on the outer surface of your carpet and makes it visibly clean. Doing it daily restrict the dirt particles from sweeping into the inner pockets of your carpet. Thus, it will keep your carpet clean for an extended period. 
  • Washing: It is good to wash your carpets once in a while with a cleaning solution and a soft brush. It will kill many microbes on your rug and keep it fresh; don’t forget to dry it in sunlight after washing. You can also use an antibacterial perfume after wash; it keeps your carpet fresh and gives out fragrance. 
  • Professional cleaning: Processional carpet cleaners are the doctors of your carpet, and your carpets need a regular checkup. Call in the best Carpet Cleaning Post Falls at least twice a year to keep your carpets clean.

 Clean carpet, clean home!

If your carpet is clean and healthy, your house will also be neat; so never end a house cleaning routine without washing carpets. And don’t forget to clean your carpets once in a while professionally; your carpets need it. Visit Clean mater to avail best carpet cleaning services Post Falls.


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