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Acrylic Painting Tips for Beginners

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Acrylic Painting Tips for Beginners

Before saying about some of the cool tips while using acrylic paint for beginners, you should understand acrylic paint in detail. Pleasant Acrylic is one of the famous acrylic fabricators in Dubai which provides services related to acrylic such as acrylic bending and molding, acrylic display materials and acrylic cosmetic box in Dubai.




The paintings or art forms created using acrylic paints or synthetic acrylic resins are known as acrylic paintings. Acrylic paint is known as the fastest drying paint in this world which is manufactured by dipping colorants in emulsion of acrylic polymer and plasticizers. 


One of the unique properties of acrylic paint is that it requires water for dilution and when it becomes dry, this paint becomes resistant to water. The transparency of the paint is determined by the amount of water content in it. 


Acrylic painting can depict both the characteristics of oil painting and water colouring. One of the major advantages of using acrylic paint is that they are not easily damaged naturally and are very much resistant to a certain level of heat. 


Acrylic paints are also more human friendly than oil paints as they cause no health issues to the painters. Oil paints were replaced by acrylic paints due to the health issues caused by the inhalation of fumes from oil paints. 


Acrylic paint became popular rapidly among artists earlier in the 20th century because of its exclusive benefits.


Now let us look at some of the best acrylic painting tips for beginners which can give you great results.




There are certain acrylic painting tips that can make your work easier and stressless.


  • ALWAYS USE A PALETTE : Try to use a palette every time while painting. This allows you to mix paint accurately and reduce the wastage of acrylic paint.




  • WET YOUR PALETTE  BEFORE STARTING : it is very important to make sure that your palette is a little wet before putting paint on it. It will help your acrylic paint to remain consistent. As we all know that acrylic paints dry very fast and it becomes water resistant when dried, this life hack will be very much useful to you.




  • USE WOODEN PIECES AT THE EDGES OF YOUR ARTWORK : It is best advised to use wooden pieces or any blocks at the edges of your artwork when drying. This will help you to avoid sticking your artwork to the surface below.




  • CHEAPER THE PAINT, DARKER IT DRIES : You should make sure to mix enough water while painting because acrylic paint generally goes darker when dried. Cheaper acrylic paints express the darkness more when dried.




  • FILL YOUR INVENTORY WITH BASIC COLOURS FIRST : Always try to keep basic colours in stock such as white, black, yellow, blue and red. The main advantage of storing more of these colours is that you can mix these colours to make other needful colours.




  • TRY TO USE PALETTE KNIFE : The use of a pointed tool like palette knife will help you to give a unique texture to your artwork. It will also help in creating thicker layers.




  • COAT YOUR CANVAS WITH GESSO : Try to paint on a canvas coated with gesso which is a white paint mixture. This will prevent canvas from absorbing the paint and making it lighter.




  • TRY TO KEEP TWO CUPS OF WATER NEARBY : Keeping two different cups of water can make your work easier. Use one of the cups of water for cleaning your brush and the other one for dipping and mixing your paint to make it thinner.




  • USE SYNTHETIC BRUSHES :  Use good quality brushes with medium stiffness. Don’t use natural brushes or brushes that sheds its hair rapidly. These can affect the quality of your acrylic painting.




  • PAINT IN LAYERS : Painting in different layers can give a different tone to your artwork other than making it thicker with a single layer of colour.



From the above context we understand acrylic painting in detail and some interesting tips to take care of while painting with acrylic paints. There are certain other acrylic products other than paints. Pleasant acrylic is one of the well known acrylic fabricators in Dubai who deals with acrylic cosmetic boxes in Dubai and certain other services like acrylic bending and molding.


Pleasant Acrylic LLC
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