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Importance of Good Product Photography to Drive Sales

Jack Stephan
Importance of Good Product Photography to Drive Sales

Visual content is more likely 50 times to be shared on social platform than any other content and 25% of products sold online are returned because products look different than photos. These insights highlight the fact clearly that good skincare product photography plays an essential role in determining sales.

Quality product images are a driving force of conversion, engagement, retention, and overall customer lifetime value.

What are the benefits of product photography to drive sales?

Various factors are considered in driving sales and the first one is the product itself. It is essential to present products well so that the sales get faster and higher.

Whether you consider hiring a professional or go with DIY hacks; the benefits mentioned of product photography will be enjoyed by all:

  • Builds your brand

A picture is not a short-term plan but a solution for a longer period so that your company gets recognized as a market leader.

Putting branded images for months can communicate your company as:

  • Valuable
  • Professional
  • Diverse
  • Quality
  • Innovative

With the best product image, customers believe that your brand cares what the customer prefers and it is humble enough to cater to their needs.

  • Grabs the mood of a customer

It is not possible to take your potential customer to a camping site and show them how comfortable and good your backpacking kit is. The feeling can be conveyed through pictures. Therefore, it makes sense where a seed can be planted that your product is the best solution for all the issues they might have. The gesture can be conveyed exceptionally with the help of quality and worthy pictures.

Comfortable, perfectly clicked, and useful images clicked by a beauty product photographer will draw attention within seconds. This will lead to an increase in sales.

  • Sets expectations

As it is mentioned above, various products that are sold online are returned because they look different from the photos. Convincing people to buy products offline is easier than doing it online.

Therefore, it is recommended to upload images as they are instead of using filters, likes, and effects. Set the right customer expectation about what they want to shop for.

Another thing that people expect would be the number of days within which products can be returned. Some people are impulsive when making a purchasing decision. They know that the product which is brought online can be returned if they are not satisfied with it.

It is good to be considerate in online business but not at the cost of added expenses. Setting the expectation of a customer by inculcating a limited return policy is healthy and will be adored by the customers.

  • Promotes communication silently

Images speak a lot more than words. This is still strong while talking about the brands that believe in more work and less talk. People searching on different online platforms have limited patience and time to go through all the product descriptions or text. Therefore, in such a case; it is better to available colors, product sizes, and features that are on sale.

Make a list of essential information that a product has and state what needs to be shown in the pictures.

  • Lights

It doesn’t matter what your product type is, light plays an essential role in product photography. 2 types of lights are available in photography, which are:

  • Artificial lights: Fire, candles, bulbs, etc., all of them are artificial lights and also known as hard light. These are small but the light surface is focused. Professionals prefer hard lights while clicking close up or focused product images while shopping online.
  • Natural light: It is a light where products are clicked in natural light. It is also considered a soft light. Natural light is preferred by a beauty product photographer as it highlights the true features of the products. The light can be used if the product is hot outdoors.

Nowadays, various smart apps are available for businesses to indulge in healthy product photography which saves effort, time, and money. By different ways, product sales can be increased by the optimum use of photography. Online businesses must use these tools so that the audience can be influenced to buy these products. Enjoy the best experience and grow your business effortlessly.

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Jack Stephan
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