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Why Sports Physiotherapy is Crucial for a Player? 6 Reasons to Know

Avijit Sarkar
Why Sports Physiotherapy is Crucial for a Player? 6 Reasons to Know

Hey...are you into sports or involved in some regular exercise routine? Then you need to know about Sports Physiotherapists. You must have met with some injuries or complications in your life, at least once while playing or exercising. It’s about that.

Sports Physiotherpy

What is Sports?

Sports or exercise is a very important part of human lives. These involve some activities of physical parts that boost our fitness, strength, and overall well-being. It also helps us grow our muscles, raise the vitality of the body, decrease aging, losing extra weight, and many more.

What is Sports Physiotherapy?

Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy are associated with the management and deterrence management of wounds coming about because of game and exercise. It can happen to people of all ages and at all degrees of capacity. With Sports Physiotherapy people can treat any kinds of injuries that may occur from exercises.

Who are Sports Physiotherapists?

People who treat and help the players to manage their sports-related injuries are known as Sports Physiotherapists. They are expert and certified people like professional doctors who must have a 2 years diploma or 4 years bachelor degree in Physiotherapy Course.

Sports Physiotherapist

What are the Roles of Sports Physiotherapists?

Sports Physiotherapists can play a large number of roles in the life of any sportsperson whether they are associated with moderate to heavy sports activities. We can point out many of these functions of a sports physio.


  • Prevention of Injuries

Sports and exercise physiotherapists analyze the danger of injury related to participation in a particular game. They are qualified to brief and prepare competitors, mentors, and different individuals from the multidisciplinary group so that there is a decrease in events and repeat of explicit wounds.

  • Acute Intervention 

Sports physiotherapists have the competence and experience to react suitably to an intense physical issue or injury in different settings, like preparing or playing. 

  • Post-Injury-rehabilitation

Physiotherapists related to the Sports field use clinical thinking and restorative abilities to evaluate and analyze sports-related wounds. Also, they employ proof-based medications that are a result of constant medical evaluation, implementation. It helps a sportsperson to a safe return to his/her ideal level of performance.

  • Enhancement of Performance

Sports physiotherapists constantly monitor and assess the performance of sportsperson according to their physical profile. Then s/he can advise or direct the players to employ certain tactics to improve their performance. For this purpose, certain medications can also be prescribed.

As Advisor

Healthy Lifestyle

  • Promote Safe, Healthy, and Active Lifestyle

Sports physiotherapists not only treat or prevent injuries, but also work as advisors in promoting a safe, healthy, and active lifestyle in the sports fields. They work together with other professionals in a multidisciplinary team structure and promote safe involvement in sports and physical activities.

Sports-related injuries can sometimes make sports-persons partially disabled, even for their whole lifetime. In these cases, sports physio doctors can help to minimize injury risks and live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Promote Fair Play, and anti-doping

Sports Physiotherapists actively promote fair play and anti-doping practices in the areas of all levels of games. They strictly follow the rules of the International Sports Physiotherapy Code of Conduct on Doping.

  • Involvement in Research

Like other fields in the Medical profession, Physiotherapy is also under continuous clinical research to make the process better and effective than ever. Physiotherapists all over the world mostly use evidence-based therapy technique which is regarded as the foundation of the Physio treatment.

There are three ways the research in the field of Physiotherapy is being done.

  1. Individuals needs and Goals,
  2. Clinical Research,
  3. Scientific Research.


Physio sessions are now an active routine in the area of any sports. We frequently hear the word “Sports Physio” in the field of Athletics. Every sportsperson can get benefit from expert physiotherapists. When a sportsperson gets injured, s/he is advised to take rest for weeks or months to recover, completely. Sports Physio doctors recommend it for the better and healthy life of the athletes.


Avijit Sarkar
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