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Reasons why Fashion is more women-centric

James Baind
Reasons why Fashion is more women-centric

You can feel this when going through a fashion magazine or watching a fashion show it is mostly dominated by women. You can say today’s fashion is women-centric which can be surprising for many people, but it is fact you can feel this difference  during your visit to a fashion designer’s retail outlet. You can compare the variety and designs available to girls to the boy’s variety. You would be rather surprised to learn the fact the men’s variety is much less than the women’s variety.

The main reason for that today’s fashion is rather female-centric. You can observe a completely new design and variety in women-related fashion men’s fashion is rather static as compared to women’s fashion. Summer clothes or winter you can feel the difference, the fact of the matter, why is this happening? 

In this article, we are discussing why fashion has turned women-centric:

Women attach more value to fashion:

In today’s modern setting everyone wants to look stylish and beautiful but it is a fact women normally attach more value to fashion than men. The main reason for that is in their nature, they are more conscious about their beauty and style. Due to this tendency women usually are more aware of the latest fashion trends what is happening in the fashion world. 

Women are dependable on other people's opinions they feel confident when others praise them and their choice of clothes. They are more susceptible to the media and advertisement they take a lot of impact from them this is the main factor, why women make a lot of purchases and spend more on their beauty and fashion. 

Desperate nature of women:

Women are usually more modest than men but they are also desperate. They can’t resist the latest fashion trend even though they have no buying power. Most women are more aware of the latest trend and fashion as compared to their fellow men.

It is their desperate nature to look more stylish than others and attract the opposite gender you can say it is their desire— which makes them more fashionable of both the genders. Men usually are more conscious about their fitness  as compared to women, it is their nature. Men want to show that he is smarter than other men. 

Women are eager and concerned about their appearance:

Women are more eager about their clothes and fashion. This is the main reason women normally purchase more clothes than men. It is their desire, it turns them to buy more eagerly than men, they are usually more aware of the latest fashion and trends. The other factor here is women are normally competing in their nature.

If one of their friends has purchased the latest fashion clothing. She would also desire to purchase the same or better than her friend. It is their competing nature they always want to select the best for themselves. They desire to stand out from the crowd— they want to look unique and beautiful from others. You can say it’s their tendency or a sort of nature they have been possessing. 

Women are more prone to business:

Women are more prone to business designers know the fact, this is the main reason most of the fashion business is women-centric. Women are more willing customers or clientele to fashion garments so they are more focused by the companies. You can observe this trend in women’s fashion wear is everywhere. You can’t compare men’s fashion with women’s. Men’s fashion looks static as compared to women’s fashion.

Fast fashion and women response:

Fast fashion is a phenomenon these dayswhatever you see on the ramp, the same designs are also present for sale in the retail outlet. Women can’t resist these latest trendy clothes they want to buy these clothes as they have recently seen on a fashion magazine or a fashion model displaying them on the ramp. Women usually love to buy the latest style of clothes. Designers nowadays present the latest clothes in their display center. 

Fast fashion is also a reason women usually express their liking and disliking on social media. Designers usually observe the number of responses and prepare specifically the dress which is demanded by most of the customers women want to purchase a dress which she was dreaming about a month ago. They are usually amazed their proposed clothes in the designer's display showcase. They do not understand the fact these days designers do follow the social media trends rather more keenly.

Fashion these days is usually women-centric the main reason for that, women are usually more keen fashion followers and purchasers. The fashion designers know the fact so they rather target the female side when they are designing the latest design. As women are more keen purchasers designers usually present more variety for women customers. You can observe the trend all around yourself. You can say “ Today’s fashion is mostly women-centric” there are many reasons behind this trend. 

James Baind
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