Shopping Cart Abandonment

Neethu Harikumar

A high intent customer spent their time on website and adds one or ore products in the cart and exits from the website without any single purchase called shopping cart abandonment.  absolutely we cannot do anything for this except clear analysis. we should carefully analyse why does the the customer abandon the cart.ecommerce retailers should understand the specific reasons behind the shopping cart abandonment.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate Calculation

Shopping cart abandonment rate = [ 1- (total no. of completed purchases/number of carts created) ] x 100%

When we analyze the cart abandonment issues through device mobile and tablets have very high cart abandonment ratio compare to desktop. the reasons behind the cart abandonment are just looking researching, pricing issues, shipping issues, shortage of product and technical issues

in some cases customers just browsing through the products for just information and some cases they  don't buy it on same day. few customers they come for only price comparison. beside from these technology and shipping issues are another causes.

we can avoid shopping cart abandonment using some of methods. 

retailers should careful about their website speed and mobile friendliness. 

the checkout process should be shortened. it should customer friendly.

provide catch images and description.

our customer must be offered return facility.

keep all the price transparently.

customers should be provided multiple payment options. some of the customers like offline transactions . so cash on delivery must be an inevitable thing on online purchasing.

 vueai's shopping cart abandonment solution helps you to get rid this issues and it cause to increase your AOV. 

we provide ai based cart abandonment solution / cart recovery solution to retailers.

vue.ai's ai powered cart abandonment solution offers personalized content to shoppers increasing Aov, conversions and customer returns.

we assure fulfilment of each and every shopping journey.


Ecommerce shopping cart abandonment is a problem that has been plaguing eCommerce retailers from the outset. A combination of strategies that work best for your business will allow you to attain the two-fold goal of preventing mass cart abandonment and converting shoppers who abandon carts into loyal customers. One thing is for sure, there is good money in recovering abandoned carts!

Neethu Harikumar
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