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What Is A Chiropractic Therapy?

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What Is A Chiropractic Therapy?

A chiropractor is a doctor of chiropractic medicine. This type of doctor provides a medical treatment that includes manipulation or adjustments of the musculoskeletal structure of the spine. Manipulation and adjustments are performed by a licensed chiropractor. The primary purpose of a chiropractor is to provide a diagnostic or therapeutic relief from pain. There are various Chiropractor West Palm Beach.

Chiropractor treatment can help to alleviate headaches, low back pain, neck pain and other related neuromuscular disorders. To get the best results, it is recommended that your Chiropractor performs the most invasive technique first. If you notice improvement after your initial procedure, then your chiropractor might recommend additional procedures.

Benefits Of This Therapy:

  • There are many benefits to seeking treatment from a qualified chiropractor. Pain and ailments can be relieved without medication. Chiropractor treatment is non-invasive, providing relief from pain without the use of invasive procedures such as surgery.
  • Doctors of chiropractic can use their hands-on skills to correct misalignment, which reduces stress on surrounding muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Some chiropractor treatment can be performed on an outpatient basis.

How does the process start?

  • Before a chiropractor makes a treatment recommendation, he/she will ask for your medical history, ask questions about your lifestyle and review your medical history carefully. During the consultation, the chiropractor will review and determine your appropriate treatment plan, including the scope of work, risks and benefits, and will administer or provide treatment with specific techniques.
  • Your treatment plan will be individualized, taking into consideration your specific needs. The goal of your chiropractic adjustment is to restore alignment between the spine and vertebrae in your spine and to relieve any pressure on surrounding soft tissue, organs, and muscles.
  • Your treatment plan will be a personalized one that take into account your specific needs, the severity of your problem, your level of pain and discomfort, your tolerance for pain and discomfort, your goals and expectations, and your willingness to participate in any on-going treatments.
  • Your chiropractor will discuss your health care providers, review your health care provider's training and credentials, and review your physical examination.
  • An adjustment technique may be used to treat the neuromuscular disorders that involve muscle spasms, hyperactivity, asymmetry or slackness in muscles or ligaments, and/or subluxation. Neuromuscular disorders involve diseases or conditions that affect the neurological integrity of the neuromuscular system.


  • The goal of chiropractic treatment is to relieve the symptoms associated with the neuromuscular disorders and to prevent further injury or damage to the patient's spine.
  • Your chiropractor will make treatment recommendations based on the best outcome for your individual needs, using a combination of conservative management techniques and adjustments to promote healing. Your chiropractor may make adjustments to your treatment regime after just one visit, or may ask you to return for additional visits.
  • A chiropractor can also refer you to appropriate medical and rehabilitation specialists for additional treatment if desired. Your chiropractor can also instruct you on proper posture and healthy daily habits to promote good health and reduce pain. Remember that chiropractors use hands-on adjustments to correct spinal misalignment, not spinal manipulation.
  • This form of therapy is non-invasive and promotes total body wellness. You can learn more about your chiropractor's adjustments and care by asking him or her questions, reviewing his or her qualifications, and looking through the chiropractor's recommended books.
Injury Clinic and Rehab Center
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