What is python and What are the practical uses of Python?

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Python is a programming language that can be used to create websites, software, automate tasks and analyze data. Python is a general-purpose language that can be used to create many different programs, and not specialized for specific problems. Python Course in Delhi

Although Python was originally a hobby project, it is one of the most widely used and popular programming languages. Python is not only used for web development and software design, but also data analytics and machine learning.


We look at the many uses of Python and why it is such a versatile programming language. We also have some suggestions for beginner Python projects and our top Python courses.


Python - The basics

Let's first get the basics out of Python before we dive into the details. These basics will help you understand Python, which could make it a great choice if you are looking to learn programming languages.


What is Python?

We have already explained in our summary post about the different programming languages that Python is used for. It is an object-oriented programming language (based on data), high-level programming language (easier to understand by humans) and object-oriented. It was first launched in 1992. It is easy to understand and write. It's a great coding language for anyone who wants to develop quickly.


Python is used by many of the largest organisations around the globe. The language is used to power services such as Netflix, Spotify and Google.


Why is Python so beloved?

The TIOBE index measures popularity of programming languages and Python is third in this ranking, behind Java and C.


Its simplicity of use. Python is a great choice for those who are just starting to learn programming and coding. It is easy to learn and a great way for you to begin building your programming skills.

Its syntax is simple. Because Python syntax is similar to English, it is easy to understand and read. Because it is simple, you can easily understand what each line does.

It has a vibrant community. Because Python is an open-source language, anyone can code with it. There is also a community that helps to develop the ecosystem and contributes their libraries.

Its versatility. We'll be exploring Python in greater detail. There are many uses of Python. You can use Python for data visualization, artificial intelligence, or web development.

Why Python?

We now know why Python is so beloved, but what are the reasons to learn Python? There are many good reasons to learn Python, besides the versatility and ease of use mentioned above.


Python developers are in demand. There is a need for Python developers in many fields. It could be a valuable skill if you are looking to change or start your career.

This could lead to a rewarding career. According to data, the UK's median annual salary for Python-skilled individuals is approximately PS65,000

There will be many opportunities. It is likely that Python will be a valuable skill in the future, as it can be used in many new technologies like AI, machine learning and data analytics. Learning Python could be a great asset to your career.

What is the average time it takes to learn Python?

Python, as we have already mentioned, is an easy programming language to learn compared with many others. It's easy to master the basics in just a few weeks. Our short courses such as Getting Started with Python take between 6-8 weeks and require only a few hours each week. Python Training in Bangalore


There are options for more in-depth exploration if you prefer. The ExpertTrack for deep learning and Python programming takes 21 weeks. It requires 5-6 hours per week of study.




What does Python do?


Python programming is an in-demand skill that is highly sought after. What is Python programming used for? We have already briefly discussed some of the applications it can be used for, and we will expand on these and other Python examples. You can use Python for:


1. Machine learning and AI

Python is a stable, flexible and easy programming language that's great for machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI), projects. Python is a favorite language among data scientists. There are numerous Python packages and machine learning libraries.


This is where Python programming for AI with Microsoft Azure ExpertTrack will help you if you are interested. While advancing your career in AI, you can learn about the benefits of Python and deep-learning.


2. Data analytics


Data analytics, like AI and machine-learning, is another field rapidly growing that makes use of Python programming. There is an increasing need for people who can organize, collect and manipulate data in a world where there is more data than ever.


Python is a good choice for data science and analysis. It is flexible, easy-to-learn and well-supported. This makes it relatively fast and easy to use when analysing data. It's great for manipulating large amounts of data and performing repetitive tasks.


Our ExpertTrack will teach you Python data analytics and help you to develop data analytics skills.


3. Data visualisation

Data visualization is another area of growing interest. It plays into many of Python's strengths. Python offers a wide range of graphing libraries that offer a multitude of features, in addition to its flexibility and open-source nature.

Python Training in Kolkata

You can choose to create simple graphics or interactive plots. Plotly and Pandas Visualization are two examples. There are many options available to turn data into useful insights.


Our 12-week ExpertTrack on data visualization with Python is available. Learn how to use Python libraries to analyze and interpret data sets.


4. Programming apps

Python can be used to program many different applications. This general-purpose language is used to create and read file directories, create GUIs, APIs, and many other things. Python can be used to build any type of application, including audio and video apps or machine learning apps.


You can also get help with your programming career by taking the ExpertTrack on Python programming applications. You'll learn Python basics and then be able to create your own Python applications.



5. Web development

Python is an excellent choice for web development. There are many Python web-development frameworks available, including Flask, Pyramid, Django and Pyramid. These frameworks are used to create websites and services like Reddit, Spotify, and Mozilla.


The extensive libraries and modules included with Python frameworks make it possible to perform functions such as content management, database access and authorisation. It's not surprising that Python is so popular in web development due to its versatility.


6. Game development

While Python is not an industry standard in game development, it does have its place in the industry. The programming language can be used to quickly create simple games. Python also has some functions, such as the creation of dialogue trees.


You can learn how to create a Python-based text-based game if you are new to game development or Python. You can learn a wide range of skills and expand your knowledge.


7. Language development

Python's simple syntax and design have inspired new programming languages. Cobra, CoffeeScript and Go all have a similar syntax as Python.


This makes Python a great gateway language. Understanding Python is a great way to learn programming if you are completely new.


8. Finance

The world of finance is using Python more often, in areas like quantitative and qualitative analysis. It is a useful tool for predicting asset prices and making predictions.


Python, as mentioned, is a great tool for working with large data sets. There are many libraries that can help you compile and process information. It is a preferred language in the finance industry.



9. Design


You probably didn't expect design to be on the list when you asked "What is Python used for?" You can use Python to create graphic design apps. Surprisingly the language can be used in a variety of 2D imaging software such as PaintShop Pro and Gimp.


Python is used in 3D animation software like Lightwave, Blender and Cinema 4D. This shows how versatile Python is.


Python projects for beginners

If you're wondering what to do and how Python is used, we have plenty of suggestions. What about those who are just beginning to learn the language or want to be a Python developer? Python Course in Noida


Below are some Python project ideas that will help beginners. These projects will help you to expand your programming knowledge and challenge yourself.


  • Create a guessing game
  • Create a text-based adventure gaming experience
  • Create a simple Python calculator
  • Write a simple, interactive quiz
  • Make an alarm clock
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