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Different Types Of Biomagnetic Therapy!

Alim Jadair

With the high increase of cancer and other hazardous diseases, various alternative treatments have gained some awareness. One of such treatments is biomagnetic Therapy, often known as magnetic therapy, which helps cure cancer and decrease the side effects. This works by bringing some physical changes with the help of magnets as well as magnetic fields. Moreover, they highly boost the overall health of the person. Right here, we are going to discuss the different types of biomagnetic Therapy in Dublin. Scroll Now!

Static biomagnetic Therapy

The first type of biomagnetic pair therapy that comes on our list is Static Magnetic Field Therapy. Usually, in this case, a magnet is placed over the person's skin, be it in the form of bracelets, other ornaments, shoes, or other forms. Furthermore, there are specially designed pads available in the market that have magnets placed in them. These magnets work effectively to boost the overall health of the person by bringing some physiological changes.

Biomagnetic Therapy with Acupuncture.

This type of treatment is done with the help of needles that are safely inserted into the body at specific positions. Several reputed professionals conduct biomagnetic Therapy in Dublin. You can contact them anytime to get relief from various health hazards. To execute this treatment, the specialist carefully inserts the needle (that isn't harmful) into specific parts of the body to support energy pathways that will relieve chronic pain.

Electromagnetic biomagnetic pair therapy.

Another therapy enlisted in our list is electromagnetic biomagnetic pair therapy. This Therapy is executed with the help of magnets that are charged with electricity. These electric signals help the body get rid of stress, anxiety, and even other serious ailments. If you want to try any type of biomagnetic Therapy, choose a specialist to execute different types of biomagnetic Therapy in Dublin.

Uses of biomagnetic pair therapy.

All the above-mentioned types of biomagnetic Therapy are widely used to cure :

1. Helpful in reducing excessive pain such as arthritis, muscle strains, and chronic pain.
2. Helpful in alleviating Fibromyalgia syndrome that influences muscles as well as the delicate tissues to a large extent.
3. Treats Insomnia that directly affects the person's mental and physical health.


Biomagnetic Therapy is very helpful in reducing various ailments. If you too want to enrich the quality of your life, it's very important to find a specialist to know about the different types of biomagnetic therapies. Different biomagnetic therapies are often different from each other therefore ask your doctor which Therapy will suit you best and then take your step forward to good health. Even if you have cancer, you can go for biomagnetic pair therapy as it helps cure cancer.

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Alim Jadair
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