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How an eCommerce PPC Management Company Will Develop a Strategy to Maximize ROI

Dan Kogan
How an eCommerce PPC Management Company Will Develop a Strategy to Maximize ROI

The digital marketing landscape has not taken its time cooking up new and creative ways to get your products and services in front of the eyes of more of your target market. In fact, it’s been evolving at light speed. For generations, print ads and billboards reigned. The advent of digital technology, and the internet, have made it possible to reach new customers, more creatively, than ever before.

Paid search, better known as pay-per-click or PPC marketing, is only one aspect of digital marketing, but it can be very effective nonetheless. There are many different aspects of paid search marketing, but the basic premise is bidding for ad space on a given page, after which point a business pays for actual clicks to the ads. Hopefully, those clicks result in conversions. That’s where an eCommerce PPC management company comes into focus.

eCommerce SEO vs. eCommerce PPC: Advantages of eCommerce PPC
Two of the largest components of digital marketing are eCommerce SEO and eCommerce PPC, and more often than not, these two strategies work together to generate greater success for online merchants. However, they are not the same, and do not work in similar manners, even though there is some crossover.

eCommerce SEO hinges on keyword research and a variety of different optimization processes, both onsite and offsite, that work together to increase a website’s domain authority, thereby increasing its organic rankings for specific keywords that are aligned with the interest and search intent of the business’s target market.

The key difference lies with the fact that eCommerce SEO is centered around organic growth. It takes a long time to generate higher organic keyword ranking increases using SEO alone, but at the very least, the efforts of search engine optimization are lasting.

By contrast, the growth in traffic that arises from an eCommerce PPC campaign often falls off as soon as the paid search campaign ends. This means that SEO is a more scalable long term digital marketing strategy.

However, where PPC really shines is in short term growth, or chasing other high-stakes keywords for which other competitors might try to outbid you, showing up at the tops of the search results pages (as ads) despite your SEO efforts.

PPC is also a particularly effective strategy at chasing keywords in the short term for which you might not be able to effectively compete, especially while your SEO efforts were under way in the background. PPC strategies are also a highly effective method for expanding brand awareness, especially at the outset of whatever other digital marketing strategies you are pursuing.

Additionally, an eCommerce PPC management company will invest the time and research necessary to start your campaign out on the right foot, while making continuous optimizations to ensure that in the long run, your cost-per-click trends downward while your return-on-investment trends upwards.

Setting the Stage for Success
A provider of professional eCommerce PPC services will set up your PPC campaign for success, without simply starting a campaign and sending you on your way with poorly optimized ad copy or landing pages.

It starts with an eCommerce PPC audit, whereby a PPC management company will determine how well your current PPC campaign is performing, and where there are areas for opportunity. After that, a PPC specialist will conduct thorough market research to determine and categorize your target market, as well as keyword research to determine what keywords to target - and which to avoid.

After this point, a paid search specialist will craft expert PPC ad copy, develop landing pages that are well poised to convert, and then very closely target your campaign in order to optimize it for success.

Factors an eCommerce PPC Management Company Will Balance
A lot of what it comes down to with eCommerce PPC management is ongoing optimizations to closely follow and improve the fine points of a PPC campaign to ensure that it is resulting in the highest possible conversions and revenue. An eCommerce PPC management company will very closely monitor the following items of performance and make adjustments accordingly.

- Device performance

- Time-of-day performance

- Keywords and negative keywords

- Landing page development and optimizations

- Ad copy adjustments

- A/B testing

- Retargeting and remarketing

- Bid strategy

- And much more

The above are just some of the many metrics which a PPC specialist will follow during the course of your eCommerce business’s ongoing campaign. By making fine adjustments where clicks-through and conversions lag, a specialist of PPC marketing services can continuously drive down your ad spend and overall expenditure, while allocating the greatest funding to the best performing ads.

A premier partner like 1Digital Agency will avoid strategies that tend to “set and forget” the campaign, as they have skilled professionals with their hands on the wheel during the course of the campaign. A significant portion of their resources are dedicated to ensuring that their clients’ campaigns are being continuously optimized for maximum, long term success.

If you’re ready to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level and to reach new corners of the eCommerce market, visit 1DigitalAgency.com today or get in touch with their specialists by phone or email. You can reach them at 888-982-8269 or at [email protected].

Author is a freelance writer and having successful experience in writing about Internet Marketing Services. Currently he is writing about how to choose Local Seo Solutions and Professional Local SEO Audit.

Dan Kogan
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