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TOEFL speaking tips: 5 steps to prepare for success!

TOEFL speaking tips: 5 steps to prepare for success!



By landing here, you're likely to take your TOEFL exam very soon!


Are you looking for all the best methods to help you ace the test with a decent score?

You have landed at the right place! 


Here in this article, I am going to give you some useful tips on how to improve your IELTS score and TOEFL scores. 


Speaking fluently in English (especially during exams) can be challenging when it's not your native tongue!


No! You won’t be able to crack the exam by merely watching English web series and reading books. It is only through excellent practice that you will be able to pass the exams on the first try. 


Go through all 5 ways to prepare yourself for success and ace the TOEFL exams with good results. 


So, let’s begin with our first point -



  • Understand the Speaking Test Format.  



What can be the first step to prepare for any exam? 

To go through its syllabus right?


Let me give you a brief on the format of the speaking exams format. The Speaking Test consists of 4 different tasks and 3 types of question formats. A time of 17 minutes is given to complete all the tasks. The task given is in an arranged order. You can start the second one only when you finish the first one. 


The first task is the Independent Speaking Task and the second, third and fourth tasks are called the Integrated Speaking Task. 


Integrated Speaking Task - In the Independent task of the speaking test, you will be required to ask questions that you have experienced or know. The question generally presents you with 2 choices or 2 sides (agree/disagree). The question test is presented to you on the screen. You will be given 15 seconds to prepare for each question. During that time, you can also take notes if you want. After 15 seconds, you will have to speak for 45 seconds on the topic.


Topics can be like - Where would you like to visit - A mountain or a beach. And why?


Tasks 2, 3 & 4 are Integrated Speaking Tasks that require you to use your different English language skills - Listening, Reading, and Speaking. 


Task 2 ( Campus Situation) 


In this task, you will be required to read a short passage (an article from the newspaper) and then listen to a conversation on the same topic. 

And then after preparing yourself for 30 seconds, you will have to speak on that topic for 60 seconds. The topic will be related to the university campus.

Tak 3 ( Academic Courses) 


This task is also similar to Task 2. You will be instructed to read a short paragraph about an academic subject (say geography) and then listen to a pet of lecture on the same topic. After that, you will be allowed 30 seconds to prepare and 60 seconds to speak cumulatively. 

Task 4 ( Listen and speak about Academic Courses) 


In the fourth task, you will only be listening to a long lecture and responding to the prompt. You can summarize a lecture or a part of the lecture. The time allotments are the same for this task also.


  • Understand The Scoring Criteria 



During the test, you will perform tasks that will combine these 4 English communication skills. First, you will be marked on the four tests separately and then a combined score will be scored between 0 - 30. 


The TOEFL has provided criteria or rubrics to describe what is needed to earn good scores on these tasks. It is composed of four categories - General Description, Delivery, Language use, and Topic Development. 


You will be judged on the basis of your fluency, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, information, relevancy of the subject matter, and also your pace of speaking.



  • Make a plan of action



Having a plan of action means you know what you need to do. 

Now that you know the format of the speaking test and how you will be marked, now it is time to make a plan of action and start working on it. 


Here is what you can do to make a more structured and effective approach.


  1. Practice how to read the prompt carefully with 100% attention. 
  2. Prepare an outline of your responses.
  3. Include points like - Your opinion, Reason, relevant details for your answers. 
  4. Practice multiple times before the day arrives. 
  5. Practice by recording yourself. 

  1. Increase your vocabulary and use the right phrases 

TOEFL not only checks how comfortable you are in speaking English but also checks if you can speak like a native English speaker. You just don’t have to learn vocabulary but also take it into practice. Including some excellent vocabulary & phrasal words in your sentences will help in cutting down unnecessary pauses, breaks, and fillers. 


For introductions, details, and reasons, use different phrases to avoid repetitive use of sentences. 


  1. Practice with an English expert


To ace an exam like TOEFL, it is important that you practice and get expert opinions from IELTS & TOEFL English experts. A thorough practice of the speaking test will help you to become more confident about it. 


Engvarta is an English learning platform where you can practice speaking English with English Experts who guide you through your mistakes and help you practice English on a daily basis. They will help you in learning vocabulary and including them in your conversation. 


They provide you with a TOEFL topic and allow you to speak for a minute on it. And then they point out all your mistakes and give you corrective feedback to improve your English.

The only thing required for clearing the speaking test is to practice. So, don’t just practice English but also correct and work on your pronunciation and mistakes.


All the best for your exam! 

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