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Importance of Play in Nursery Schools in Gurgaon

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Importance of Play in Nursery Schools in Gurgaon

Play is the most organic aspect of a child. It comes naturally to them. Children love to engage in a lot of play times during their childhood. This is the first precursor to their social understanding. Play in nursery schools in Gurgaon plays an important role in shaping the child. It is their primary tool to help them understand the social environment around them. While playing the child can express and learn to effectively communicate their needs.

During the child's stay in school, the playtime is used by them to try to get along with other people. Sharing toys with fellow kids in the class makes them understand the importance of sharing and working in a team.

The schools today are not the same as in the past. The rise of competition has created the need to ask schools in Gurgaon to evolve out of the old sandbox modules. This essentially means that the nursery schools have to offer more rigorous hands changing exposure to the students to make them well prepared for the primary learning that follows preschool. However, this does not mean to burden the kids with information more than they can effectively decipher.

The choils have a limited time of their love to be spent on preschool. The job of good schools is to ensure that the time is utilized very efficiently and effectively. To facilitate this, play in nursery school is the best way to work forward. The teachers should continuously find new ideas to help the child learn using play techniques. Here is an overview of how play is an important instrument of teaching method in nursery schools in Gurgaon.

For kids: Play is work, work in play

First things first. The only way to induce positive development and sustained learning in the kids is through play. It is the curriculum they are best adapted to. With the limited time at hand, it will be futile to engage the kids in classroom activities in absence of play factor.

Play helps the kids to concentrate and not lose interest in the learning process. As they keep on participating in the play activities, it helps them learn more each time. The most fruitful method of learning is when the child can enjoy the process.

Social development through play

Using play as one of the models to educate the kids in schools in Gurgaon, helps the child to learn new social skills. When the kids share space with their counterparts in the school, it helps them understand the role of sharing. The kids share their toys and barter their toys for their use. This teaches them the virtue of interdependence.

When the kids play together, they learn social skills such as team spirit and bonding despite differences. It also teaches them to be patient and learn how to communicate their needs. As the child grows into a student, the skill to be able to successfully communicate will help them put their ideas across the table. This is an important skill that will last a long time in the future. Playtime with others helps the child to make new friends and learn how to get along with people of varied temperaments.

Develops motor skills

Early childhood is the prime time for growth in a child. They use their sensory skills to understand their surroundings. As the child grows, it is very important that they get the best exposure to develop their motor and sensory skills.

Spending time in a quality-induced preschool will lay the foundation for this. When the kids engage in okay activities in the school, it helps all their motor skills to evolve better. The schools design various activities to ensure that children are utilizing all their sensory networks.

The twist and turn in swings inside the schools play their part too, they are designed in a way that the child flexes their muscles just enough to understand their possibilities without getting injured. Using toys of various shapes and sizes to build objects helps the students to learn problem-solving aptitude.

Play and learning go hand-in-hand in nursery schools in Gurgaon. Good schools understand the critical role of play in making nursery school successful for the child.

Lancers International School
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