Bursting myths: Top boarding schools in Gurgaon

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Top boarding schools are a host entity for aspirational parents looking for schooling with a difference. The schools are shifting the age-old epithet against them for a toss. The myths surrounding boarding schools have long been part of schooling folklore.

The entry of private players in the residential schooling segment has transformed the education setup. The outward approach and experienced professionals of the schools have made boarding schools wanna be, all over again.

The parents are lining up to get their wards part of the Indian Boarding school experience. The schools in Gurgaon are at the forefront of this change. Here are the common myths that have troubled the reputation of the top boarding schools.

Boarding school is very strict on kids

The most prevalent myth around boarding schools is that they are too strict for the kids. The idea seems to stem from the fact that a lot of the boarding schools were initially run by the military. The schools were operational during the British era and were very strict in discipline.

This is not true in today's time. The boarding schools are only structured when required to be. It is not an easy decision for any parent to leave their child in a boarding school. Therefore the school must act like local guardians of the child. Just how the parents are tough on kids, the boarding school also has rules in place to ensure that the child is focused and pays dividends for the investments made by their parents.

The boarding schools have various extracurricular activities and games to ensure that the students enjoy their stay at the hostel.

The schools are only for the riches

Yes, there was a time when boarding schools were an expensive affair. It was only feasible for the people with the means to be able to admit the students to these schools. But to say that the schools are only for the rich is entirely wrong.

Certain added expenses come along with rearing a child. During the initial years of boarding schools, many people did not have good-paying jobs. We were under the rule of the British and per capita income was very low. Boarding school is a little more expensive than the regular school. But the added fees are because of the lodging and other miscellaneous requirements. Today most parents can find a good boarding school within their budget.

The schools lack diversity for students growth

There is a popular opinion that boarding schools lack diversity. This is again because people believe that the school attracts students from only a particular stratum of society. They believe that due to this the classroom lacks diversity.

This however is a big myth. The strength of any good boarding school is made up of students from different parts of the country. Many times there is a good ratio of international schools also studying in the boarding school. This makes the school one of the most diverse playfields where students learn and benefit from this unique experience.

Many boarding schools have a fixed quota system to attract students from different societies and cultures. This enables the students to become more receptive and understanding of each other.

Boarding school is for spoilt students

Another stigma that plagued boarding schools for a very long time. The schools known for making students responsible and focused were for long believed to be the ideal facilities for stubborn students. The people believed that the no-nonsense approach of the boarding schools will help the spoiled children come back on track.

This made a lot of parents apprehensive to admit their children to boarding schools. They feared that their child would be bullied by other kids in the school. The boarding schools in recent years have worked against this belief to make parents feel safe. The schools have strict rules in place for any bullying or untoward activities. With almost no incidents reported, the parents are more comfortable sending their kids to boarding schools.

Top boarding schools of Gurgaon have undergone a platonic shift in the last decade. The emergence of acceptance among parents is a positive sign for parents looking for residential places for their kids.

Lancers International School
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