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Sell My Home Fast St Louis

John V. Lin
Sell My Home Fast St Louis

It could be quite difficult to sell real estate in St Louis – it is time-consuming and painstakingly stressful. This road to selling a St Louis property is one that could possibly keep you up at night. This article puts a stop to that worry and answers that all important question “How do I sell my home fast St Louis?”

There are countless reasons why a homeowner might have decided to get rid of their St Louis property, ranging from:

Job loss
Unpleasant neighborhood
Demanding tenants
These are but a few reasons why individuals may decide to sell their St Louis home. Irrespective of your reasons for selling your home, a notable fact is that it’s not just you. There are hundreds of individuals like you who want to sell their home fast year-in-year-out.

The situations you face are not just peculiar to you, we have had experiences helping people in similar situations. Without the right help, you could lose your property to the bank, debtors, the government, or even the homeowners association.

We understand very well what you are facing currently and are willing to help you overcome that challenge, fast. Our duty is to work with all diligence to bring fast solutions to your real estate problems.

“Sell my home fast St Louis” is one of the most challenging choices homeowners are confronted with, because they find themselves attached to the property. Considering that you have probably spent most of your life living in the home, but you just have to get rid of it because you can no longer afford to keep the property.

Life has so many uncertainties and as such, very unexpected circumstances may just arise and we find ourselves at this crossroad of selling your St Louis real estate. It is pertinent that you take the bull by the horn now and do the needful so that you can move on with your life quickly.

How To Sell My Home Fast St Louis

There is an imbalance in the real estate market, where homeowners have lots of reasons to sell their property, but they are provided with very limited options to sell their home. Before picking a suitable option to sell your house, you must first outline what you have and do not have.

One thing you probably do not have is time. Selling a property can demand so much of your time, from looking for a realtor to decluttering and fixing up the property. Then there is the listing of the property on the MLS and the long wait for a buyer to come through. How much time you have, from weeks to months, even more than a year should determine whichever option you would choose to sell your home.

Cash is another thing you must consider, as every choice you make has its costs, and you most likely do not have much to spare. All you want to do is sell off the property and walk away with every dime from the sale. This should be another factor you must put into consideration.

Stress is something you want to avoid while selling your real estate. You should not be putting in so much energy on a house you won’t be living in anymore, so you should pick the best option that would suit this stress-free desire.


Using realtors is the traditional and most popular method known by many for selling real estate. It begins with you finding a trustworthy realtor, who would put your best interest first. The realtor would inspect the property and give the necessary recommendations before the property can be listed.

Fixing up, making repairs, remodeling and redesigning is compulsory when you use a realtor. That would cost you so much money, alongside the stress and time that must be put into the work. You would also be faced with backbreaking paperwork and numerous showings.

Using a realtor implies that you must pay for all closing costs and the realtor takes at least 6% as commission from the sale of the property. Waiting to get a buyer would take more than 6 months, sometimes even more than a year. Realtors might be good for some individuals but not for you, you want to “sell my home fast St Louis”.


For Sale By Owner (FSBO)
This is just slightly different from using realtors, as all the duties of the realtor would be handled by the homeowner. You should adopt FSBO if you have so much time and energy to put into selling your property, and if you are ready for back and forth negotiations.

You would still need to fix up the property and the paperwork doesn’t go away. All you save with FSBO is the commission which would have been paid to the realtor. The time frame in getting a buyer is no different from using realtors, and it defeats your goal of selling your real estate fast.


Cash Buyers
Selling your real estate to a cash buyer is your best choice if you wish to escape the hurdles accompanied with selling real estate in St Louis. You sell your house as-is, no demand for any repairs or remodeling, neither would you have to declutter and clean up.

Cash buyers are less concerned about the state of the property and will give a very reasonable bargain for your property. No commissions, neither will you have to pay any fees or hidden charges. All closing costs would be handled by the cash buyer.

The deal closes on your timeline. As soon as you declare your intention to sell, you get an offer within 24 hours, and you are the sole determinant of the timeline. The deal can close in 7 days or less. The fastest way to sell your St Louis real estate is to sell to St Louis home buyers.

Sell My Home Fast St Louis

Sell my home fast St Louis to Starting Point Real Estate. We buy houses St Louis and have years of experience helping people in different situations sell their house fast.

We understand perfectly well what you are going through and we are willing to help you too. We will buy your St Louis house fast and pay cash. Call us now to get an offer.

John V. Lin
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