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ZoomShot Pro Reviews: 6 Things you should consider before buying.

Emmanuel Ucheya
ZoomShot Pro Reviews: 6 Things you should consider before buying.


What is ZoomShot Pro?

ZoomShot Pro is a multipurpose monocular telescope device designed with advanced nanotechnology to help you see distant objects with 18 times zoom while preserving the quality of your view.

The ZoomShot Pro allows you to use monocular zoom functions that are above your phone’s paygrade. Imagine having a lens that can offer a crystal-clear view of something far away, allowing you to photograph it or capture video of it in a way that conventional built-in lens can't.

It is what photographers call a telephoto lens, combining the power of a telescope and photography lenses.

The ZoomShot Pro is noted to be the brainchild of Swedish engineers who were challenged by their university to find a more efficient method to create a telescopic zoom lens.

The result turned out to be an 8 inch technologically impressive tube that magnifies up to x18! Allowing people to take amazing pictures of distant objects without having to spend their entire paycheck at the camera store.

ZoomShot Pro boasts every technologically advanced feature you’ll ever need from anti shake to night vision. It’s simply an amazing outdoor tool.

The telescope offers you a large extent of view and the ability to capture the best quality photos through optical technology improvements.

Most of the mobile phones are attachable to the product, which makes them comfortable for the users. The product’s design is well developed by the manufacturers that allow you to carry them during your adventure trips, mountaineering, trekking, or bird watching.

What makes ZoomShot Pro special?

ZoomShot Pro allows users to take quality photos from a distance. It utilizes superior anti-shake technology, and the tripod 3D gyroscope helps to magnify the field of view.

This enhances its performance and makes it a better alternative to most of the telescopes in the market.

Also, if there are a few terrain obstacles, users can use the autofocus and blur the background function to focus on observing the object they are focused on only. Consumers can easily view anything up to six miles away.

The ZoomShot Pro covers a maximum magnification diameter of at least 300 times. This is the first-ever telescope to deliver this clarity and magnification at such a small scale.

Additionally, the telescope comes with a wide eyepiece. With a larger eyepiece, it becomes easier to view your images regardless of the distance.

With Broadband film objectives, the ZoomShot Pro further enhances color and clarity. And with a large caliber, users enjoy higher brightness.

The manufacturers were the first ever to use nano etching technology, nano array technology, mesoporous assembly technology, thin-film mosaic technology and nano optical materials to make the flatness error of the lens barely 10 nano meters.

With the luminous flex reaching 30 times that of a regular telescope with the same diameter and a resolution angle 47 times (!) that of said regular telescope. Alright, forget the technical jargons, all that I’m saying is that this simple looking tube is highly advanced.

A compass incorporated into the top of the monocular makes it easy for users to get their bearings when staring out to sea. It performs many of the same purposes as a survival tool in many respects.

To put it another way, the Zoomshot Pro Monocular performs in a manner akin to that of a military-grade monocular telescope. It is precise, faultless, and highly efficient in all of its implementations.

Features of ZoomShot pro

ZoomShot Pro is a collection of features that combine their respective contributions to bring you impeccable imagery.

  • A Whopping 18x Zoom. Take whatever clarity you heard and make it eighteen times better. That’s not all, because there is a focal ring on the lens that allows you to adjust the focal length, for clearer and sharper images. A true technological marvel.


  • Anti-Shake system and advanced tripod. They obviously didn’t expect you to hold it up to your phone and let your hand shaking ruin everything. ZoomShot Pro has you covered.


  •  In-built night vision. This enables you to use it in low light without compromising the quality of imagery. ZoomShot pro is designed to serve all your photography needs at all times.


  • Manual Focus. No lens is complete without focus to create some amazing depth of field and quality view. This feature helps you blur the background to make your object of focus pop out masterfully. Now you begin to feel like a pro with easy twists of a knob.



  • It’s also a monocular. What do you get, when you remove the ZoomShot Pro, from the smartphone? A monocular, of course. It's like binoculars but with just one pair. You can just look through it with your eye and see distant objects without attaching it to a phone.


  • Clip function. Sometimes, you don't have the time to set up your phone on a tripod for some camera hijinks. So, what do you do when that happens? Well, if you have ZoomShot Pro, you can use the clip to attach the telescopic lens to the back camera in a few seconds.



  • Mobile phone compatibility. Basically if you phone fits in the adjustable grip, you can easily use it paired with the ZoomShot Pro.


  • Versatile Fit. For the sake of professionalism and customer satisfaction, the engineer of Zoom Shot Pro Monocular came up with a design that will allow you to use the accessory on a variety of mobile phone models, including bar phones and flip phones.


  •  Resistant to Water and Fog. A water and fog resistant design was included in the development process of Zoomshot telescopic monocular. This simply means that users can continue to use their monoculars even when it is rainy or hazy outside.


  • Multi-coated high-definition glasses and lens. The multi-coated high-definition glasses and lenses of Zoom Shot Pro are incredibly durable, dependable, and aesthetically pleasing to look at. 


Specifications of ZoomShot Pro

  • Dimensions: 155mm x 70mm x 44 mm dimensions
  • Weight: 320 grams of weight
  • Magnification: 18× Powerful Magnification
  • Field of View: 114/1100m
  • Lens and Glass: Completely multi-coated lenses and HD glass from crystal clear pictures and videos
  • Objective Diameter: 50mm
  • Exit Pupil Diameter: 3mm
  • Eye Relief: 20mm
  • Resistance: Scratch proof
  • Waterproof and Fogproof
  • Material: Built with advanced polymers
  • Prism Type: BAK4

How does ZoomShot pro work?

ZoomShot Pro is a handy monocular telescope that works using the principle of lenses and prisms to capture distant objects with great clarity.

It’s just like a single half piece of a pair of binoculars, and so, the viewer has to use only one eye for obtaining images.

Magnification of a lens used in ZoomShot Pro is 300 times, so far away objects can be viewed and captured with maximum clarity.

Advanced night vision technology has also been embedded into this device, and so users can carry it along during night trips. It can be handheld or even fitted to a tripod for more stability.

ZoomShot Pro can also be connected to almost all mobile phones and does not need any apps for running. Due to its compatibility features, captured images can be stored, retrieved, and shared easily and instantly.

According to manufacturers, it doesn’t get scratched or broken as it is shock resistant. It can be used during rain and snow as highly durable materials are used in the making.

Price of ZoomShot Pro monocular

This amazing monocular is packed up with the most advanced features and yet very affordable at a 50% discount and free delivery.

  • 1 ZoomShot pro - $67
  • 2 ZoomShot pro - $45 each
  • 3 ZoomShot pro - $39 each

How to make the purchase

Ordering through the official website is the quickest, easiest and safest way of buying this without stress and stories of getting fake. Just click on the LINK below and you will be taken straight to the manufacturer’s website. There you would see payment methods available and select the convenient method for you.


Official Refund Policy

The refund policy of the company is an effort to win the trust of new customers.

It is to tell them that they won’t lose any money and their purchase can be free from any risk, as offered by any other product.

This policy also shows that the company is so confident about its product that it is willing to return the total amount if it fails to satisfy any user.

Secure Payments

The company accepts online payments and doesn’t offer cash on delivery for ZoomShot Pro.

If you are worried about your data breach, you can be relieved to know that the company uses the most secure payment methods, i.e., PayPal, debit, or credit card payment.

Additionally, the company only takes your primary data, i.e., name, and address to ship this product. There are no chances that this data is going to be misused against you.

The company offers buyers a 30 Day 100% money back guarantee. The items must be returned unused and in their original packaging.

You ship the package to the return facility address given to you by its customer care representative.

As soon as it gets shipped, you must contact customer care again and provide them with the tracking number.

You will get an email confirming the refund when the company receives and approves the return. You will be refunded immediately.


How to use this monocular device

  1. Use your dominant eye. If you have impaired vision, it is important to use the eye with the best vision. This can be helpful even if you have normal vision. Hold the monocular up against this eye while using. Be sure to hold the monocular with the hand on the same side as the dominant eye.


  1. Wear your glasses. If you wear glasses to see, you will want to wear them while using the monocular. Let the monocular press lightly against your glasses. You may want to fold down the rubber end to help aid your field of view.

If you wear glasses, you will want to choose a monocular that offers at least 14mm of eye relief. This means that you can hold the monocular at least 14mm away from your eye and still see through it. The eye relief of your monocular will be clearly stated on the box of your monocular or on the manufacturer's website.


  1. Hold the monocular up to your eye. Raise the monocular to your eye while gripping the barrel close to the ocular lens (the lens near your eye).[3] The lens should be as close to the eye as possible without actually touching it. Close the other eye to maintain focus, and steady the monocular by resting your forefinger against your brow. Keep your elbow against your body to help keep the arm still.
  • You can also steady the monocular by holding your wrist still with your other hand.
  • Another way to get a stable view is to lay on your stomach and rest your elbows on the ground, providing a stable anchor for the lens.
  • Do not touch either of the lenses on the scope.


  1. Adjust the focus. Different types of monoculars are adjusted different ways. Some monoculars can be adjusted with one finger rotating a ridged dial on the monocular. Others require the use of both hands. If the scene is becoming blurrier instead of clearer, rotate the dial in the other direction.


  1. Turn your head to track the target. If you are observing a moving target, you will have to follow this target with your sight. Turn your head slowly to follow it. If your target moves a great distance, you may slowly move your body as well. The monocular does not move from your eye.
  • Sudden movements can cause you to lose track of your target.


  1. Refocus as targets move. If your target moves closer or farther away, you will have to focus the lens as you go. This will keep the target clear in your view as it moves. Focus the lens as you move your head and body to follow the target.
  • You can practice this action by rolling a ball back and forth, and tracking it with the monocular. This will help you learn how to focus the lens quickly and accurately.


  1. Stay still. It is not wise to move with the monocular pressed against your eye. Your magnified vision may cause you to miss objects that are close to you, causing you to trip or injure yourself. Always turn your body to track a moving object, but do not walk, run, paddle, or drive while using the monocular.

It is quite simple to operate the Zoomshot Pro Monocular telescope. Users can use the monocular by placing it over their eyes and aiming it at the subject of their choice.

They can adjust the focus by rotating the knob on the top of the monocular.... Also on the device's top, there is a built-in compass that users can use to check their bearings (or positions).

If necessary, users can hold the Zoomshot Pro monocular with one or two hands for stability. Because of the size of the venue, they can bring a regular tripod. As a result of its 14-20 socket, it is tripod-compatible. The implication of this is that if the user's tripod fits into a 14-inch socket with 20-inch UNC threads, it will fit into this powerful monocular without difficulty.

In order to properly maintain and care for this monocular telescope, users must use caution when working with the gadget. Despite the fact that it is military-grade and long-lasting, the Zoomshot Pro Monocular is still made of glass, and proper care must be taken if the user intends to pass it on to future generations of family members. That is the standard of excellence.

Things that are handled with care, according to the saying, will last the longest. The Zoomshot Pro Monocular is an easy-to-use device that is suitable for the average person. It is simple to use and can be carried around with you wherever you go.


How to care for your ZoomShot Pro.

  1. Use the strap. ZoomShot Pro monocular comes with a strap, so you should keep it wrapped around your wrist or neck while using it. This will prevent your monocular from dropping and breaking. This is especially important if you are using it while on a boat or around water. If your monocular falls into the water, it can sink.


  1. Keep your monocular dry. While the ZoomShot Pro may be a waterproof monocular, it is not recommended that you go dipping it into water. If you are on a boat or kayak, you can protect your monocular by keeping it in a zipped freezer bag while it is not in use. Make sure that it is completely sealed to ensure that water does not get inside.


You can even double-bag the monocular for even more protection.


  1. Use the lens cap. This monocular comes with a lens cap, so make sure you have this in place whenever you are not using the lens. It protects the lens from damage as well as from dust, water, and other debris.


  1. Clean your monocular. If you notice blurred vision or specks obstructing your view, you may have to clean your monocular. You can use an eyeglass wipe to clean off the lens. If there are specks of dirt and sand in the lens, you can use a can of compressed air to blow them off. Toilet paper, tissue, and window cleaners may be too harsh for delicate lenses and may cause scratches.

Using your t-shirt can leave streaks if your clothing is treated with fabric softener

Where can the ZoomShot Pro monocular be used?

ZoomShot Pro is a monocular device specially designed to serve all your outdoor needs. Its use has a wide variation, hence its multipurpose functionality. Some of it’s outdoor uses include:

  1. Hiking and Camping. One popular hobby one might use a monocular for is hiking.

A monocular can be used for scouting hiking routes. Their light weight makes them an ideal tool for hikers who need to look ahead to assess the best trail to take while on a hike without adding a bunch of unnecessary weight to their pack.


Not only hiking, but a monocular can also be handy on a camping trip to scout a campsite from a distance.


Any sort of trail activity is an activity one might find a monocular helpful to have on hand for. Some additional activities where a monocular could be helpful for scouting a route from a distance include but are not limited to a canoe trips, snowshoeing, and sailing.


  1. In the hunting community, there are mixed feeling about the monocular. Some people say they do not like using a monocular to scout their target while hunting, because they feel a spotting scope or binoculars provides them with a better image.


However, a spotting scope is typically set up on a tripod, which takes time to set up and cannot be easily moved, and binoculars may be harder to handle while holding other hunting equipment like your bow or gun.


Neither a pair of binoculars or a spotting scope is as compact and easy to work with as a monocular, which is why it makes sense some people opt to use the monocular.


  1. Bird watching and wildlife viewing. Bird watching is a very popular segment of wildlife viewing in which a monocular is a very popular tool.


While a monocular can range in clarity and distance, their small, compact nature makes them ideal for an avid bird watcher who may be carrying a lot of equipment with them already, such as a camera, record pad, tripod, and bird seed.


  1. Typically, a monocular would not be the only tool a star enthusiast would have on hand because they are not as strong and their image is not clear as other long-distance viewing options, such as the telescope.


  1. Sporting and theatre events. Sporting and theatre events are another great time to use a monocular.

If you are seated far away from the action it will help you get a more up close and personal look at what is transpiring.


  1. Art viewing. Art exhibits and institutes are another place that one might find a monocular useful.

Avid art enthusiast will use a compact monocular to view different pieces of art. This allows them to obtain a closer view of the colors, textures, etc. of the artwork.

Content of the ZoomShot Pro package

What’s included in the packaging?

- Zoomshot Pro Monocular (with integrated front lens cap)

- Carrying strap

- Carrying pouch (with belt loop)

- Microfibre cloth

- Lens cap

- Mini-tripod (with a ¼” camera mount screw)

Benefits of using the ZoomShot Pro monocular

  • Size and weight: One of the pros of utilizing a monocular is its weight, since they are generally more compact and lighter than other long-range vision gadgets; indeed, the most minimal can be the size of a thumb.
  • Durability: This gadget is intended for outside activities, that is the reason it is built with shock and fall resistant materials which allows it to be used for a very long time. A few models are water and dust proof. Basically, when buying a monocular, you should go through the specifications.
  • Save money: The binoculars contend directly with the monoculars, and their most observable contrast is that when utilizing two lenses, it is more costly to construct. Accordingly, a top notch monocular like ZoomShot Pro can be gotten at an affordable cost.
  • Help find far-distant objects: The main function of this monocular is to be able to detail objects at a significant distance, and it is ideal for viewing animals, objects, and even to acknowledge landscapes.
  • Provides portability: With the small size and lightweight nature, you won’t experience trouble as you go around capturing uncommon view and wildlife activity. They are additionally easy to store when not being used, and won’t take up much room in your backpack. You likewise won’t stress over it getting scratched or hitting surfaces while strolling around the woods or rocky places.
  • Innovation: The organizations that create monoculars are described by fusing optical mechanical advances into their designs. Check this ZoomShot Pro Monocular. However, adding different features, for example, night vision, zoom and shut focus, to give some examples.
  • Frees up your other hand for greater profitability: A monocular requires just one of your hands to work, so you can carry other basic stuff with you, for example, maps or tumblers, while viewing flying creatures. You can likewise do different things, for example, make calls or grip something to shield yourself from falling or slipping without disturbing your fine minutes with nature.
  • Can be utilized in numerous activities: While ZoomShot Pro monocular is not as well known as binoculars, they are not restricted from the market hence; indeed, they are ideal for most outside activities.
  • Accurate imagery: When photographing landscapes or horizons, the images show a clarity that regular lenses just don’t offer. The color reproduction is excellent with true-to-life images to show for it.
  • Easy to set up: With the clip function, you do not need to even think about tripods. The clip allows you to attach the camera within a very short time, free of all hassles.

Right now, vegetation lovers use this instrument to detail the landscapes, likewise animal lovers. Hunters utilize the monocular to view the prey without being noticed, and this permits them to hunt all the more proficiently.

Then again, hikers need to evade obstacles and observe the path they should take, and there is no preferable device for them than a monocular; it is light-weight, compact, comfortable to wear and safe.


Pros and Cons of ZoomShot Pro


  • Smaller and more compact
  • Easier to adjust on-the-fly
  • Much better for night vision purposes
  • Compact, lightweight.
  • Cheaper compared to binoculars when quality is considered.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Can be easily carried.
  • Easy to hide in pockets and handbags.
  • Can Be Used as A Magnifying Glass
  • Provides instant use (readily available)
  • Best use for targeted applications
  • Caters to users with impaired eyesight in one eye
  • Caters to users with significant variations in vision between both eyes.


  • Smaller field of view
  • Using one eye isn’t a natural feeling when observing long term
  • More eye fatigue.
  • Not for tracking moving targets
  • Not for wide angle viewing
  • Limited offer.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy the zoom shot pro?

The most recommended platform to purchase the zoom shot pro is from its website which you can access through the link above.

Will the Zoomshot Pro Monocular work with my smartphone?

The Zoomshot Pro Monocular is designed to work with nearly any iOS or Android model for your convenience. It’s easy to attach and you’ll love the results.

Can I use the Zoomshot Pro Monocular without a phone?

Yes, the Zoomshot Pro Monocular is a fully functional telescopic lens! You can hold it up to your eye and see things miles away as if you were right beside them!

Are any additional apps needed for its working?

No! It doesn’t need any app while connecting on a smart device. Since it is compatible with most mobiles, users only have to connect it to share and enjoy.

Does it require any specific skills?

The thing about ZoomShot Pro is that even though it is a very sophisticated device, it is very simple to use. It does not require any special training or installation procedures. Anyone who knows how to use a mobile phone can easily use this monocular.

How’s it different from a pair of binoculars?

The location of the eyes is the chief difference in the usage of binoculars and has only one viewing tube, but binoculars have two viewing tubes to be used for both eyes. In binoculars, the problem is that there is a high chance of overlapping in vision, and this problem is overcome while using a monocular.

What’s Best For Everyday Use, Monocular Or Binoculars?

Apart from using optical devices for hunting and bird watching, they do look suspicious especially in places where lots of people congregate.

 Places like parks, the village lake, playing fields etc. you’re going to get labelled as either a spy, private detective or a stalker. It’s safe to assume you’ll attract unwanted attention.

For that reason, a monocular is best suited for such places, they are discreet and allow you to watch the birds etc. without getting interrupted. However, binoculars will almost always have the edge over the monocular, they are relatively easy to use and give you a much clearer image.

Final words on ZoomShot Pro

ZoomShot Pro is the advanced and price-friendly monocular distant viewer you've been looking for. For a product so durable, with so many features and a complete rig for a vast range of functions, you’d think the price would be higher. However, that's actually only the case because the industry's big names want to dictate what constitutes a telescopic lens for your phone.

Let the superior engineering unshackle you from good picture quality by offering you excellence in cinematography. ZoomShot Pro is a product that speaks for itself.

Would you like to know more about the smartphone telescopic lens everyone is talking about? Then order one today and experience true high definition for yourself.

Content disclosure: This content contains affiliate links and I may receive commissions from sales of this product.


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