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How to earn free bitcoin

Tim Meyers
How to earn free bitcoin

How to get bitcoins for free? Many people are exploring ways to earn free BTC to have a head-start. While it is hard to get any crypto for free without doing any work or investing money, in this article, we present a list of options to earn Bitcoin.


Free Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is still very profitable. As a potentially scarce asset, Bitcoin (BTC) mining is one of the few ways to secure cryptocurrency. But is Bitcoin mining free? Is it possible without investment? Nope, not really!


If you like you can start mining right away but you need computing power and power costs money. Getting involved with mining can be very expensive. Beyond the investment in the mining machines, a costly amount of power is also needed. This thus makes it entirely impossible to mine Bitcoin for free.


But keep on reading. We show you great ways on how to get free bitcoins fast.

  1. Get paid in Bitcoin
  2. Earn free Bitcoin through Affiliate Programs
  3. Earning Bitcoin through Surfing the Net using the CryptoTab browser
  4. Play games and receive Bitcoins for free
  5. Use Bitcoin Faucets
  6. Gamble and earn Bitcoins
  7. Earn Bitcoin from Trading
  8. Earning BTC through Interest Payment


Bitcoin is currently ranked as the 9th most valuable asset class in the world according to the rankings provided by CompaniesMarketCap. Based on this, it is a highly sought-after digital asset, and one that may be acquired in various ways. This article explores 8 ways to earn Bitcoin on your wallet address, with some options involving no financial commitment at all.


It is ideal to do thorough research before exploring avenues that promise to give Bitcoin for free. Many may turn out to be a grand scam. Therefore, just be careful and test these offers before you fail. But give it a try, as you can earn Satoshis for free and one day you may have one whole bitcoin together.


If you still want to invest in Bitcoin mining, then you may want to consider different options like:


  1. A) Bitcoin cloud mining

Cloud mining is one of the viable options you can choose to mine Bitcoin. You can do this by pooling your own hardware with others or participating financially only. While cloud mining is common, it’s very hard to be profitable, if not impossible.


  1. B) Use Bitcoin Mining Pools

Bitcoin miners use mining pools to join a group. The stronger the group (more hardware power) the more likely you’ll get rewarded with Bitcoins.

The Bitcoin-Mining-Pool option is a good way to become a miner these days. But again, you need hardware, software, and a lot of power.


  1. C) Do Bitcoin Farming

If you’re serious about Bitcoin mining, you can buy regulated private equity funds. Professional investors farming Bitcoins with well-established mining farms. The number of these funds has grown in recent years as the Bitcoin ecosystem continues to witness unique growth.


In all of the options to earn Bitcoin described, proper consultation or personal research to understand the terrain is advocated.

Tim Meyers
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