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Freshen Up Your Home with Kitchen Remodel for Thanksgiving

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Freshen Up Your Home with Kitchen Remodel for Thanksgiving

It is hard to imagine, but we are really approaching the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. With the leaves changing color, the weather falling, and Christmas music playing in practically every store, it can simply indicate one thing: one of our beloved holidays, Thanksgiving, is right around the corner! It’s a time to make the most of our homes to have a good time with family and friends and one more year with each other. As Thanksgiving approaches, everyone looks for different procedures to freshen up their houses with little living room, bathroom, and kitchen remodel that makes a significant impact. If you’ve been considering renovating your house, likely, making the most of your living spaces and kitchen for family gatherings has been on your mind this time of year.

Thanksgiving is an American ritual that entails gathering your loved ones, friends, and family around the table for a lavish meal. Thanksgiving is about spending time with friends, loved ones, and family while reflecting on what you are thankful for. Hosting Thanksgiving dinner for your family may be a lot of fun, but are you stressed about it? No worries, homednb is here to assist you. To help you get the perfect kitchen space for Thanksgiving, we’ve collected a list of creative kitchen remodel ideas that will definitely wow your Thanksgiving guests.

Consider Practically:

A gorgeous kitchen is pleasant, but you must also consider its usability as the home’s working hub. While maximizing your space would undoubtedly result in a better kitchen, you need also consider your kitchen procedures, hindrances, and customs, whether you are remodeling it to make it new or for Thanksgiving to surprise your guests!

As your family has grown or as children have left for college, you may have altered how you utilize your kitchen. Perhaps you’re now cooking more dinner parties than packed lunches, or maybe you’re making more two-person dinners. Whatever cooking method you like, having an efficient kitchen space that meets your requirements is vital.

Take some time to consider how you use your kitchen regularly before committing to a kitchen remodeling in Houston for Thanksgiving. For a couple of weeks, keep a notepad on your workstation and write down notes about how you utilize the space, noting where you see possible changes.

Go For an Open Floor Plan:

If you want to host big groups of friends and family frequently, it’s a good idea to plan for space and seats. Consider converting your home’s separate kitchen and dining spaces into a single, open-plan space. An open floor design may also inspire constant communication between guests sitting in the living room and those working in the kitchen, making everyone feel like they’re a part of the celebration. You may take advantage of open floor designs to increase the size of the space.

Having the kitchen open to the dining and living rooms for large family gatherings like Thanksgiving may significantly benefit! Even if you have to watch over the turkey and closely watch the game, you may mix and mingle with the family. Carrying heavy, hot plates in an open concept kitchen will be much simpler and safer when it’s time to serve supper. As a result, the space becomes more festive and expansive, allowing you to entertain more guests.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances:

Set aside some of your budget for upgrading your kitchen appliances when planning a kitchen remodel in time for Thanksgiving. Some may be outdated in appearance, while others might no longer meet your necessities. Your new appliances will wow your guests!

The scrumptious family supper is one of the essential aspects of Thanksgiving Day. New, dependable equipment may make this elaborate dinner easier to prepare, alleviating some of the stress of hosting a large gathering. A new dishwasher, oven, microwave or even stove may make life much more relaxed for you.

One of the unspoken advantages of upgrading outdated appliances is the financial savings of installing the most up-to-date energy-saving kitchen equipment. You’ll not only have a kitchen that’s more suited to who you are and how you cook, but you’ll also save hundreds of dollars in energy expenditures each year.

We understand that choosing appliances can be overwhelming when it comes to measurements, fixtures, and functionality. So, our kitchen renovation contractor at homednb assists clients in finding the right equipment, starting with appliances that have earned the Energy Star label, which can help your home become more energy-efficient.

Clever Spacing & Countertops:

When preparing your kitchen for Thanksgiving, remember that you will require extra room in the kitchen throughout the holiday season. Cooking for the family usually necessitates working together in the kitchen. The kitchen may seem spacious than it is due to wide paths and enough space between the sink, stove, and oven. When the children want to assist in baking the pies, or any family member needs to keep an eye on the turkey, there’s plenty of room for everybody!

The enormous amount of food served during a typical Thanksgiving feast is one of its most appealing features. It might be challenging to keep track of turkey, stuffing, various sauces, mashed potatoes, drinks, and sweets. If you add more counter space and an island to your kitchen, you’ll have enough room for everything, plus some extra to complete cooking!

When Doing Kitchen Remodel Make it Multi-Functional:

Adding a second oven, a larger refrigerator, or a more complicated cooktop to your kitchen can help you cook efficiently for a large group. If you are continuously going back & forth to the outside refrigerator, it’s time to update. While an oversized cooktop may take up some counter space, ardent chefs will discover that the trade-off is well worth it!

Easy To Clean & Durable Countertops:

You’ve prepared, dined, and hosted, and now you’re stuck cleaning up the mess! Easy-to-clean tile backsplashes, countertops, and flooring might make your kitchen remodel go more smoothly. Even more technologically sophisticated alternatives, such as central vacuum systems, can be included to make kitchen clean-up as simple as feasible.

Durability is essential for homes that will see a lot of entertaining and visits from children. Choose durable countertops composed of tiles, which are simple to clean and maintain, or quartz, which is stain and impact resistant and requires little upkeep. For a sturdy, long-lasting kitchen floor, natural stone tile, concrete, and ceramic tile are popular choices.

If you anticipate high traffic in your kitchen over the Thanksgiving holiday, consider upgrading to hardwood flooring that can endure the wear and tear. Wood flooring for the kitchen is convenient since it can be installed fast and is ready to use right away, making it an excellent choice as the Thanksgiving and Christmas season approaches. Homeowners who install wood flooring increase the value of their homes.

Kitchen Cabinets:

A kitchen cabinet not only gives you a place to keep your dining room basics, but it also preserves them, so they’re ready for big occasions like Thanksgiving dinner. Your most delicate China crystal glasses, cutlery, and linen napkins will all be waiting for you when you need them. If you do not previously have one, try having one constructed out of plywood & glass to exhibit your valuable possessions carefully.

Window & Curtains

Beautify your kitchen more by adding attractive & stylish window curtains. The tone, atmosphere, and lighting in a room may be influenced by the correct combination of style, fabric, color, texture, and pattern. Meanwhile, the type of rod you choose and whether or not you utilize tiebacks may take your draperies to the next level. You may either purchase ready-made curtains or have bespoke draperies manufactured to your precise requirements.

Hire Professionals for Kitchen Remodel!

If you are looking for unique tips or ideas on renovating your home to make it Thanksgiving-friendly, contact homednb! Schedule an appointment with our trusted and reliable kitchen remodeling Houston professionals for advice and assistance suitable to your home-specific needs!

Home Renovation Consultants Houston
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