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5 Books You Must Read in 2022, If You Hate Reading | Life-Changing Books

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5 Books You Must Read in 2022, If You Hate Reading | Life-Changing Books

So New Year is around the corner and in 2022 you have to make your New Year resolution achievement time. Promise yourself that you are going to read a lot of books, but there are problems. One you hate reading, two you don’t find time to read and interest and three the books are expensive for students to purchase it. Finally, you don’t even have time to read an informative and creative book. So as assignment writing service in UK writer and researcher I recommend some books for you that you should read in 2022. Moreover, you can also use audio books that can help you in improving your English language skills, listening skills, and your pronunciation. 


Shoe Dog by Phil Knight 


This book has been a New York Times bestseller and has been on the recommendation list of bill gates as well. Additionally, some of the key takeaways of the book that I completely love are “not letting other people's visions of the future dictate you”. 


Some people things that Phil Knight was crazy when he started opening his show company because that time running is not popular as it is today. Infect it is considered so weird that almost people would be throwing things at someone running down the road. The second thing you will find in this book is you don’t need to know everything before you start to be successful. 


Range by David Epstein


This book is impressed me and it is close to my heart. You may have read that Tiger woods picked up the golf club as a toddler and you may even believe that some of the brightest kid knows exactly what they want to peruse very early in life. Moreover, Roger Federer dabbled in squash, skiing, skate boating, wrestling, basketball, and badminton, before he narrowed down the references.


The Winners Brain (8 Strategies That Great Mind Use to Achieve Success) By Jeff Brown & Mark Fenske


This book takes a neuroscience perspective on the brain. The first study was conducted on cab drivers that use their memory to find routes, instead of using Google maps. They found that over time the hippocampus grew and developed in size and it is the part of the brain that visual and spatial memory. This study shows that we can change our brains over time. Additionally, this book gives us 5 power tools to help us change the land cape of our brains.


The Rudest Book Ever By Shwetabh Gangwar


This book is more likely hard-hitting that helps you find your own identity in the middle of all this chaos. It will make you laugh and ponder over your inner thoughts at the same time. Especially the interesting part is where it can tell us about dealing with rejection. Shwetabh says that typically people have 1 out of 3 reactions to rejections.


  • They feel like they are looser.
  • I want to do well and prove to them that I am better than what they thought.
  • The third one is about negativity and hates messages. 


So read this quality level book, I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy it. 


Insight by Tasha Eurich


This is a guide good on self-awareness, it indicates us that who we are, who others see us, and how we fitted into this worldly Tasha’s share years of research with us and later she comes up with this book include that selfie-takers have swallowed relationships that other people and active text-ers do less personal reflections than most average people. Infect one technique that she showed us to increase our self-awareness is to replace the “why” in our questions with “what”. Therefore read this book if you want to grow as an individual. 

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